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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: BCH Infrastructure Funding Alternative, New CashFusion Build, OG Reemerges

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. A BCH infrastructure funding alternative is floated. There’s a new CashFusion build. An OG developer reemerges. BTC Schnorr/Taproot proposal is published. SideShift begins work on a Wasabi Wallet merge. SLP Indexer launches, and so much more in this installment. We dare you to find a more comprehensive account of BUIDL culture anywhere! Double dare you!

BCH Infrastructure Funding Alternative

Well-regarded founder and CIO of Cyber Capital, and Bitcoin Unlimited member, Justin Bons recently put forward his tweaks to Jiang Zhuoer’s Infrastructure Funding Plan for Bitcoin Cash (IFP). In addition to BTC.TOP, the IFP was signed by other influential mining pool operators such as Jihan Wu of Bitmain, Haipo Yang of ViaBTC, and Roger Ver of Bitcoin.com. It is presently being met with a mixed reception by the BCH community, including by some who stand to directly benefit from this particular BCH infrastructure arrangement.

Zhuoer’s IFP has since been quietly edited, with its near poetic introductory language about the rise of China under Deng Xiaoping, concluding with a Non-Debate Theory, now zapped entirely. Instead, the proposal gets to the meat directly, seemingly a clear response to growing concern about the initiative’s rollout and public relations strategy. Whatever the case, there is debate, massive amounts of it in fact, about the role of miners and developers in cryptocurrency, the nature of economics, incentives, Game Theory, and coercion. More alternative suggestions and amendments are being put forward almost by the hour.

Bons has both a presence within Bitcoin Cash circles while publically revealing to be supportive of other projects, including Ethereum. Perhaps having skin-in-the-game roles in multiple cryptocurrencies informs his perspective on funding proposals such as the IFP. “What is wrong with the current proposal is that it unnecessarily centralizes the decision making process of how to distribute these funds within a centralized company controlled by a selected subset of miners, making this effectively a permissioned approach,” Bons insisted.

With technical help from developer Tobias Ruck, Bons called his ideas a short term solution, an alternative infrastructure funding plan proposal. He advocated for the IFP’s implementation while allowing miners to “put a message in the blocks they create, one block = one vote.” This gives the community the chance to use a block explorer, for example, to know how miners, not just pools, are voting. The as-yet-defined Hong Kong corporation designed by the IFP “can then distribute these funds over a set period such as per month or quarter, by counting the result of this onchain vote.” To Bons, it “means that the entire process becomes completely transparent while effectively decentralizing the process of decision making when it comes to the distribution of these funds.”

  • Easy to Criticize Details of the Plan

Another well-respected voice within the Bitcoin Cash community is Antony Zegers of Bitcoin ABC. He recently published My View on the Miner Infrastructure Funding Plan, where he concludes “the miners are sending a very important signal: They care about Bitcoin Cash, and want to find ways to help it succeed.”

“It is easy to criticize details of the plan,” Zegers, who is also known online as Mengerian, explained, “but I believe that when compared to every possible alternative, the plan Jiang Zhuoer announced is better than any other plan, and better than doing nothing.”

He also pointed out how difficult and cumbersome it is “for a diverse group to come together on a common plan, so I think it’s amazing that the signatories were able to come together on this, and I commend them for that. If this plan does not go forward, I think this chance will not likely come again,” Zegers warned. “Ultimately, the question I ask is ‘does this plan advance the goal of building and spreading global peer-to-peer electronic cash?’ For me the answer is a solid Yes.”

  • CashFusion Completes 1,700 Transactions

  • New CashFusion Build

Developer Calin Culianu announced a new CashFusion build has been released. It includes user interface tweaks, a plugin “loaded by default” on new installs, and “some internal nits and fixups.”

  • BTC Schnorr/Taproot Proposal Now Published

  • More than 203,000 BCH Shuffled for Greater Privacy

  • OG Dev Reemerges

A wild, incredible story.

  • Pitico.cash No Longer Maintained

  • SidesShift Works on Wasabi Wallet Merge

  • SLP Indexer Released Open Source

“SLP Indexer can validate an unconfirmed SLP transaction in around 1 ms. Our software has been running in production for months already, powering our new Bitcoin.com Wallet backend,” developer Emil Oldenburg explained of the open-source project.

“It’s very easy to set up, runs on MongoDB and scales well. It consists of one application that validates the SLP transactions and saves everything in MongoDB, and one API application. The first part is called the Bitcoin.com SLP Indexer Service. The other part is a read-only REST API layer called Bitcoin.com SLP API. The SLP API Service can scale linearly with MongoDB and is able to serve around 20k requests per second uncached on a M5.xlarge server on AWS.”

  • Development for SatoshiWall on Hold

  • BCH Open-Source Developer Pulse Newsletter #9

“Existing projects have been updated. We will now be moving to a monthly publication. Submissions are due in by the 20th of each month. Information can be sent to the new email bch.dev.mail@gmail.com.”

More here.

  • Bitcoin Cash SCRIPT Meeting #2

  • Bitcoin ABC 0.20.11 Released

  • Flowee 2020.01 Released

  • BCH Infrastructure Benchmark Tests Ready for Review

BCH Infrastructure Benchmark Tests Ready for Review from Bitcoincash

  • Harry is Working on Some Really Cool Stuff

  • New Bitcoin.com Wallet User Interface


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