CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Bitcoin Cash Powered Internet Relay Chat “Stamp” v0.0.2-alpha.6 Released

Bitcoin Cash

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Bitcoin Cash used for messaging project, Stamp, is moving along. BTC is “updated.” Ethereum 2.0 makes quiet progress, and so much more in yet another packed volume of CDD!

Bitcoin Cash for Messaging, “Stamp,” Alpha Released

Veteran Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developer Shammah Chancellor announced recently on a popular subreddit the release of Stamp v0.0.2-alpha.6. He refers to the project as a BCH-powered internet relay chat. It was inspired by the early work of Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney’s Reusable Proof of Work (RPoW) concept. Essentially, Finney believed in digitally tokenizing real-world resource consumption.

✅ Version v0.0.2-alpha.6 of Stamp released! Stamp is a Bitcoin Cash powered internet relay chat. from Bitcoincash

“RPoW,” Finney explained, “would facilitate the use of POW tokens as a form of bit gold by allowing the tokens to be passed and exchanged from person to person.” Chancellor is convinced “Bitcoin Cash is the working implementation of RPoW that Hal Finney envisioned. We now need to make the rest of his dream reality.” His idea is to build Stamp, right now a wallet-based idea, with “the intent is to serve as a reference implementation for a client that uses a set of protocols which any wallet can implement in the future. The protocols enable direct wallet-to-wallet communication via a network overlay on top of Bitcoin Cash.”

It’s an overlay network, open and unmoderated, where non-spammers “pass small amounts of BCH amongst themselves while having high-value conversations for small mining fees. People broadcasting to many people will find themselves soon out of money. Every message, between users, is passed via relay servers similar to SMTP but encrypted end-to-end. Relay servers cannot read your messages, nor can they moderate based on the contents.”

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Bitcoin Cash

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