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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Bitcoin Core 0.19.0(.1) Released, Dash Roadmap Updated, Vitalik Smart Contract Request

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Bitcoin Core 0.19.0(.1) was released recently by the Bitcoin Core team. Bitcoin ABC’s Amaury Séchet is cautiously optimistic about a new Bitcoin Cash specification from Bitcoin Verde. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin asks for a smart contract wallet with social recovery. Those and much more in this packed digest.

Bitcoin Core 0.19.0(.1) Released

  • New BCH Specification

Amaury Séchet, lead developer for BCH reference client Bitcoin ABC, took to a Medium post recently, praising the proposal of Josh Green and his Bitcoin Verde operation. Green has created a specification (spec), prized among open source developers who covet a spirit of cooperation on a given project. Specs are especially helpful in finding bugs, spinning up improvements, and documenting changes generally.

Specifications are vital, but they’re also time-consuming and can be an encyclopedic task — a real project for a team already taxed with too much to do. As Séchet explained, “it is expected from a handful of people to not only design the protocol, but coordinate with the ecosystem, write the software for it, run tests, and write a specification for it, all with little funding and a lot of posturing from 3rd parties wanting to gain influence without providing the amount of work that would justify such influence.”

Green’s Bitcoin Verde is a BCH full node implementation, basically written from scratch. Séchet acknowledged as much, noting how Green “more than anyone else can attest to how important having a proper specification is, as it would have made his job tremendously easier.” Séchet is effusive, generous even, in his praise of Green and the proposed spec, but goes on to caution against capture as an attack vector.

“In order to make sure no act of manipulation takes place, it is vitally important for the community to ensure that the right people are involved. People who have proven, not only by their words, but by their actions and achievements, their commitment to Bitcoin Cash and its goal: peer to peer cash for the world, enabled by cheap, fast and reliable transactions,” he insisted.

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  • Nice, Growing Selection of BCHD Nodes

  • Smart Contract Wallet With Social Recovery, Argent-Style

  • Dash Roadmap for the Coming Months

  • Forever to Write This Code

  • BCH Developer Newsletter

  • Efficient Merkle Path Verifier

  • Bitcoin|Computer Up Soon

  • How to Become a Fullstack Developer

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