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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Bitcoin Unlimited Flexing, Bitcoin ABC 0.20.4 Released, ETC<->BCH Bridge

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) is a regular column, documenting cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Bitcoin Unlimited flexing development muscle is all the talk in BCH circles; it’s a self-described organization maintaining an open-source Bitcoin client to foster competing implementations. Simpleledger.info now supports SideShift.ai. BitcoinCash.org launches a developer portal. Roger Ver gets a ProgPOW “fun” update, and much more in this digest installment.   

Bitcoin Unlimited Flexing

The Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) team is beginning to assert itself more, as lead dev Andrew Stone recently took up the issue of quasi-consensus rules getting in the way of furthering permissionless-ness. Not too long after, BU’s Chief Scientist, Peter Rizun, posted about increasing chained mempool transaction limits to 500, … presumably to at least claim a relatively longstanding bounty.

That was followed by the release of BU’s version 1.7.0, in time for compatibility with the upcoming November BCH upgrade. Features include 100x better CPFP code and mempool sync based on Graphene. Still more news came when the team revealed it would use its windfall of 40 BCH, donated by the exchange OKCoin, to fund DoubleSpend proofs.

  • Increased Chain Mempool Transactions Limit

  • BU 1.7.0 Released

Bitcoin Unlimited 1.7.0 has just been released from btc

  • BU 1.7.0 Features

  • BUCash- Release Notes and Overview

  • Ubuntu PPA repository Updated

  • Funding DoubleSpend Proofs

  • BU Improvement Proposal (BUIP)

  • Simpleledger.info Supports SideShift.ai

  • Developer Portal Launched

  • Roger Ver Filled-in on ProgPOW “Fun”

  • slp-cli-wallet Sweeps, Bug Fixes

  • Bitcoin Security vs. Declining Block Subsidy

  • Offline BCH Smart Contract Payments

  • Bitcoin ABC 0.20.4 Released


Bitcoin Unlimited

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