CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: BCH Clients’ Increasing Transparency; Bloq On-Demand Node Clusters; Stamp Chat Moves Forward

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Nodes on Bitcoin Cash appear to be entering a new era of transparency. Bloq releases on-demand node clusters. Decentralized messaging platform Stamp Chat is moving along nicely. Those and so much more in this giant installment!

Bloq On-Demand Node Clusters

Bitcoin pioneer Jeff Garzik and his company Bloq announced recently on-demand node clusters. Bloq is a coin agnostic company of “innovators, builders, entrepreneurs, enthusiasts, and otherwise passionate individuals who are drawn together by the potential of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, and tokenization,” its blog hype reads.


Algorand focuses on proof-of-stake consensus, promising “full transparency, protection, and speed within a truly decentralized network. With blocks finalized in seconds, Algorand’s transaction throughput is on par with large payment and financial networks. And Algorand is the first blockchain to provide immediate transaction finality. No forking. No uncertainty.”

Since April, thanks to a grant, Bloq has been incorporating Algorand. “Addressing the ‘Blockchain Trilemma’ — security, scalability, and decentralization — requires that the Algorand Foundation support infrastructure that serves a stable, distributed, thriving ecosystem. To that end, Bloq has started running relay node clusters on behalf of the Algorand Foundation itself, increasing the overall health and resiliency of the network,” Bloq explained.

Bitcoin Cash Clients’ New Era of Transparency

BCHN lead maintainer report 2020-06-15 is Bitcoin Cash Node’s (BCHN) continuing to up the node game within the BCH community. Anon dev Freetrader’s second missive documents the upstart node’s official move from what some early-on dismissed as a protest or hobby node and into being taken seriously.

“Some mining pools supporting BCHN have been crowded out due unprofitable mining conditions on Bitcoin Cash (the aforementioned exploitation),” Freetrader explained, noting ongoing debate about the difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA) is needed for this and many other reasons.


He also enumerated BCHN’s notable successes since May of this year, including reaching its crowdfunding goal through Flipstarter (a platform started by BCHN participants), two software updates, stressing, “Our software attained a range of interface performance improvements in its client as well as a new API feature requested by mining pools.” The project now has an official representative, helping to bridge the gap between the West and Chinese communities.

About a week prior, the team released BCHN Financial Report 2020-07-07. It details how “funds are held by team members in a 3-of-5 multi-signature wallet” used “to receive donations and pay for project expenses (general funding of BCH Node operations, including personnel, equipment and contracting),” all of which are on-chain. “Since project start, a total of 83.53292538 BCH has been spent so far,” and the post breaks spending down. Though over half of what was raised has been used, “1083.79584204 BCH was held by the project at the time of writing,” BCHN explained.

Bitcoin ABC May 2020 Transparency Report

Bitcoin ABC May 2020 Transparency Report was posted last month by the team’s business development person, George Donnelly. “During the month of May 2020, Bitcoin ABC made 350 code commits to its source code repository, and made two releases (0.21.6 and 0.21.7),” Donnelly noted. Among the laundry list of work accomplished, “Work on laying some initial groundwork to prepare for Avalanche; Many changes and improvements to the RPC interface; Progress on work to improve the Bitcoin Cash Seeder” were mentioned.


Donnelly also documented how, “In May 2020, Bitcoin ABC received income of $267,500 from USD-denominated sources plus 458.5778932 BCH. In that same month, we had expenses of $73,499.95 in USD, or USD-equivalent, plus 120.78 BCH in expenses.
The income numbers reflect amounts received as part of the Bitcoin ABC 2020 fundraiser at”

Those funds were used to onboard “a new full-time developer, hire a business development manager and continue the employment of a mid-level engineer. As of 31 May 2020, Bitcoin ABC includes a total of 8 people, as follows: 5 software developers, 1 technical operations manager, 1 business developer, 1 customer relations manager.”

  • Bitcoin ABC 0.21.11 Released

  • CashScript Makes Covenants More Accessible

  • Interview with Shammah Chancellor of Stamp Chat

  • New Web3 BCH Wallet for Stamp Chat

New release of Stamp! (An experimental new Web3 BCH wallet) from btc

  • Stamp Chat’s First Confidential Transaction

  • Electrum-Cash v1.1.0 Released

  • CasaHODL No Longer Supports BTC Payments

  • Chainalysis Introduced Investigation and Compliance Support for Dash

  • Sunset of Topaz

  • SLP Tokens Matter

  • Litecoin Core 0.18.1 Released

  • BCHN Vision and Objectives

  • Dash Platform v0.13 on Evonet

  • SPV Wallet for Flowee

  • First Real-World Purchase Using USDH and SLP

  • History is Made

  • Blockchair Privacy-O-Meter

  • Coming Soon

  • Flipstarter Now Available on Digital Ocean

  • Saipan and Team

  • Bitcoin Mining Parliament Lives!

  • Zapit v0.1.8 Released

  • He Made a Thing

  • Why I Sponsored Bitcoin ABC

  • Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Proposal

  • Bitcoin Cash Research Monthly Progress Report

  • Nabs $1,000 Donation

  • SOUR Token Paper Wallet Generator

  • SLP Mineable Token MIST

  • SPICE Token Team Will Offer MIST for Tipping

  • Permissionless Software Foundation Air Drops Have Begun

  • So Close to Official Multi-Client Testnet

  • Yenom Wallet RIP

  • Haven 1.3.6 Update Released

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