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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: BTC Maxis Praise BCH Privacy, Cryptographic Proofs Explained, BU vs. ABC

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Bitcoin Cash privacy project CashFusion continues to get love, and from the least expected sources. Dash Evonet goes live. Cryptographic proofs explained expertly. Miners saved Bitcoin Cash. Bitcoin Unlimited versus Bitcoin ABC experiment, and tons more!

BTC Maxis Praise BCH Privacy

Peace in the Middle East just might be possible. Cats and dogs uniting in love seems not out of reach. Recently, the fellows out at Block Digest, no fans of Bitcoin Cash, praised developer Jonald Fyookball and his CashFusion project.

That’s the power of good development and honest developers. They understand when something is done well. CashFusion is gaining buzz because it’s attempting to further the medium-of-exchange ideal through privacy: relative transaction anonymity and fungibility when users desire it. That could finally make a mainstream crypto exceedingly cash-like …, which, if we’re being honest, was the original dream of Bitcoin.

  • Bitcoin Unlimited vs. Bitcoin ABC


“Bitcoin Cash ABC is the only [realable] Bitcoin Cash implementation. It is fast, consumes [between] half and 2 gbyte of memory (and it will not leak the memory like BUCASH). It runs fine even on an old trashpicked computer, and does not [use] a lot of CPU power. Bitcoin Unlimited has serious bugs and risks the integrity of your system. Other node implementations are not yet tested, based on this test, i recommend running the ABC node,” writes Geri.

  • Dash Platform on Evonet is Open for Public Testing

  • Make it Easier to Maintain a Common libsecp256k on Fedora

“I maintain the libsecp256k1, Electron Cash and Electrum packages for Fedora Linux. I would like to make it easier to maintain a common libsecp256k on Fedora and software for Fedora that rely on that software as a library.” More information here.

  • The Truth is Important

  • Guess Not

  • Flowee AddressMonitor

  • Sharkpool Inaugurates Muir Glacier

  • New Toy

  • Just a Matter of Time

  • Bitcoin ABC 0.20.10 Released

  • Bitcoin Unlimited Improvement Protocol

  • Best, Easiest-to-Understand Overview of Cryptographic Proofs


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