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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Double-Spend Proofs, CashFusion Privacy Upgrade, Apple Watch Air Wallet

TL;DR: So much development is happening in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It can be difficult to keep up. Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) is a CoinSpice attempt to document all the coolness abounding. This week, it’s a lively digest of double-spend proofs, how CashFusion is coming along nicely, a snazzy conceptual Apple Watch mock-up, and much, much more.  

Double-Spend Proofs Just Got Real

Developer Thomas Zander explained, “In Bitcoin Cash the miners and nodes use a ‘first seen’ principle of receiving transactions, which means that accepting unconfirmed transactions (aka instant transactions) is generally speaking safe as any double-spend will be rejected by the entire network.”

Double-Spend Proofs

However, when a business is attacked “there still are cases where the double-spend can be the one mined. And here is the important part, vendors never get notified of that person in their store trying to double spend. The problem then is that an attacker may try to double-spend a merchant with no detection if he fails, until he succeeds…,” Zander stressed.

He and his team have arrived at what they’re calling double-spend-proofs. “A relatively small (constant size) message with actual proof that the spender signed two different transactions spending the money you were hoping to receive,” Zander continued. “An important part of this work was to make sure the original double-spending transaction can not be reconstructed. So we don’t make it easier for the double spend to propagate.” The comment section alone is worth the read.

  • Create Bitcoin Cash Smart Contracts with Spedn

Developer Gabriel Cardona provoked a lot of thought-juices flowing with his simple instruction post. Another great comment section read.

  • Streaming a Mencenas Recurring Payment on BCH

  • Crescent Cash Rolled Out to the Play Store

  • BTC Silently Disabled Bloom Filters

  • Single-Transaction BCH-for-SLP Trades

  • Badger Supports CashAccounts

Badger now supports CashAccounts! from btc

  • When Mainnet? Is No One Using This in Production?

  • CashFusion Can Offer High Levels of Privacy with Unlinkable Coins

CashFusion just got a whole lot better… from btc

  • Bitcoin Cash, SLP Tokens on an Apple Watch

Looks so cool. Fingers crossed!

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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