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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Ethereum Muir Glacier, First SLP Telegram Dice Bot, Dash on EvoNet

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Ethereum nodes ready for Muir Glacier. SLP tokens are getting much more development attention, as this digest proves. Dash will test on EvoNet soon. Zcash makes its first shielded transaction on iOS, and much, much more.

SLP Tokens are Getting More Development Attention

Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens are built upon the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) chain, an answer or iteration on the relative complexity of Ethereum’s ERC20 tokens, the industry standard. SLP tokens are considerably easier to mint, and since 2018 have really taken off. One metric to watch is the amount of brainpower dedicated to their continual development.

David R. Allen recently hosted an inaugural meeting of some key SLP developers. It’s a fascinating look at the project’s short history, from the first three devs associated to the boom in token creation midway through 2019 to the present day. Chris Troutner, James Cramer, Drew Davis, Vin Armani, Mark Lundeberg, and Tobias Ruck participated.

It was particularly interesting to hear from Cramer who, for all intents and purposes, appears to be, along with Jonald Fyookball, the father of SLPs as we’re beginning to understand them. He takes viewers through its evolution, how decisions made about architecture impacted others, and also how his spinning off features created waves of creativity.

  • Makes Sense for Steam

  • BCH Member Server is Now Available

Member Server is now available. If you have access to a BCH node, you now have access to an uncensorable discussion platform. Happy Memo Monday! from btc

  • SLP Dev Bounties

  • slp-sdk v4.14.0 Released

  • Bitcoin Cash Developers Meeting 18 Now Live

  • SLP Support Into bitcoincashj: First Tx

I started work on implementing SLP support into bitcoincashj (Java library for Bitcoin Cash). Here is the first transaction successfully created and sent via bitcoincashj! from btc

  • slp-cli-wallet Now Includes a Burn-Tokens Command

  • Fountainhead.cash Hosting Own BCHD Node

  • Satoshiwall Prices Denominated in USD by Default

  • Ethereum Muir Glacier Upgrade Happening January 1, 2020

  • World’s First SLP Telegram Dice Bot

  • Bitcoin ABC 0.20.9 Released

  • bch-js v2.1.7 Released

  • Dash Platform on EvoNet Before End of Year

  • Reopened Pull Request for OP_REVERSE

  • First Shielded Zcash Tx From iOS

  • CashFusion Gets Polite Nod from Wasabi Wallet Dev

  • Discussing Possible Improvements to Script in BCH

Smart Contracts

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