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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Fulcrum 1.0 Released, First BCH Developers’ Meeting of ’20, Crescent Cash on Google Play

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. We catch up with Calin Culianu about releasing Fulcrum 1.0, new Electron Cash SPV server software written in C++. The first Bitcoin Cash developers’ meeting of 2020 is in the books. Crescent Cash wallet is now available on Google Play. CashFusion UTXO consolidation. CashScript 0.3.1 has been released, and a ton more in this digest installment.

Fulcrum 1.0 Released: Calin Culianu Breaks it Down Exclusively to CoinSpice

Calin Culianu wrote the entire new Electron Cash SPV server software in C++, though he admits he “had testing and packaging help from others.” The last time we spoke with Culianu, he explained a legendary counter-attack he authored during the May 2019 Bitcoin Cash upgrade. He noticed the attacker(s) left themselves wide open. He went from being frustrated to telling himself, “Damn, it felt good to hit the attackers back,” having pruned their addresses of funds used to act maliciously toward the BCH community. It’s a fun read.

The European-based dev’s occasion for an interview nearly a year later is Fulcrum 1.0. “The basic motivation behind writing it,” he stressed, was the simple fact of ElectrumX being “the #1 server everyone uses […] or the ElectronX fork we maintain over at Electron Cash. This is what all Electron Cash clients connect to. And it’s written in Python, which is a great language for client-side work.”


For server-side work, he insisted, “it’s fundamentally limited by execution speed and the fact that it’s single-threaded (it can only really use 1 CPU core!!!). In a nutshell: Python is garbage on the server-side, basically. It can’t scale basically to large address histories or to what we want to do going forward. If BCH were to take off and SPV were to be common — ElectrumX would fall over and die because [of] Python. So we needed something faster .. written in a compiled language to bring us into the future. Fulcrum basically replaces ElectrumX as 100% compatible protocol-wise and admin-wise,” Culianu explained.

His work on Fulcrum is designed to last, hoping it “can take us forward into the 2030s […] by not being slow. Because it’s written in the fastest language known to modern software engineering: C++. And not one of the slowest: Python,” also noting how bitcoind, which powers Bitcoin Cash, is itself written in C++ for a reason.

  • Step Up and Contribute More to the Foundation

  • CashFusion UTXO Consolidation

  • CashScript 0.3.1 Released

  • Bitcoincashj and SLP Integration

“To make things much simpler for development I opted to use bitcoincashj’s internal UTXO management system rather than write my own for managing SLP UTXOs. By default, bitcoincashj does spend dust UTXOs when it can. This is both an issue in regards to SLP tokens, and privacy with dusting attacks. So I made a change in bitcoincashj to completely ignore dust outputs when spending,” explained anon dev pokkst in, Bitcoincashj and SLP Integration.

  • Executive Hashpower

“Miners are the Executive Power of Bitcoin,” Javier Gonzalez in Executive Hashpower. “And Executive Hashpower is what happens when miners decide to act, no following markets. Temporarily, ignoring short-term profit, because of thinking in an imaginary future profit (monetary or reputational), in an infrequent but decisive act of business creativity.”

  • Dublin, Ohio in the House!

  • Become a CashFusion Tester

“Have you heard a lot about this new CoinJoin scheme called CashFusion on Bitcoin Cash but have no idea what it is or how it works and want to try it out? Now is the time! The alpha version has been polished enough so that it can be used by power users to get an initial feel of the tool and to test the protocol for stability and robustness. We are actively looking for more people to test,” anon dev sploit invited.

  • Gentle But Firm Pressure

  • HONK Now Available on Tipbitcoin.cash

  • Simplecash: Developer API to Simplify Non-Custodial Bitcoin Cash Payments

  • Love It!

  • First Bitcoin Cash Developers’ Meeting of 2020

“The 1st Bitcoin Cash Development video meeting for 2020 took place on January 16th, 2020 at 20:00 UTC,” according to its show notes. Participants included Amaury Séchet, Antony Zegers, Jason B. Cox, and Mark Lundeberg of Bitcoin ABC; Fernando Pelliccioni of Bitcoin ABC/Bitprim, Matias Garcia of BitPay, Josh Ellithorpe and Tyler Smith of BCHD, Andrea Suisani of Bitcoin Unlimited, and Chris Troutner of Bitcoin.com. Hosted by David R. Allen, the goal of the meeting was to discuss the May 2020 upgrade items, BCH Specification, Avalanche and more, including:

1. Libsecp256k1 library announcement
2. May 15th Upgrade
– SigChecks
3. BCH Specification update
4. Avalanche discussion/progress update

  • Crescent Cash Now Available on Google Play


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