CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: In Praise of BCHD Funding; Ethereum 2.0; Participate in BCH Upgrade Testnet

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Bitcoin Cash node BCHD had the funding rug pulled from it. Ethereum 2.0 gains traction. Users are invited to participate in the scheduled May 2020 BCH upgrade. There’s just too much development going on!

In Praise of BCHD Funding

The fantastic innovation Flipstarter set off a new wave of giving, touting trustless, non-custodial assurance contracts as a way to raise funds for worthy projects. It’s everything Bitcoin Cash (BCH) promises: permissionless, innovative, transparent, accountable. It’s pretty wonderful.

Its genesis came out of the heated Infrastructure Funding Plan for Bitcoin Cash (IFP) debate which debuted in late January. Bitcoin Cash Node was the first of Flipstarter node campaigns to earn full funding. More than $372,000 in only a couple of weeks was pledged, spread out between five node teams.


One of the teams participating is BCHD, Bitcoin Cash-centric good guys. Developers such as Chris Pacia and Josh Ellithorpe have made, and continue to make, unbelievably great contributions to the peer-to-peer electronic cash ecosystem (CashShuffle, EatBCH, OpenBazaar, etc.). They deserve support. Unfortunately, BCHD became the subject of petty politicking and clout-chasing. A generous pledge was canceled after the donating party learned a member of the BCHD team supported the IFP.

It’s important to note BCHD did not support the IFP as a team. In fact, the opposite was true (see above). Their Flipstarter campaign is seeking a modest $90,000, about 360 BCH to support one full-time developer, hosting costs, public infrastructure, and two part-time developers to build out support for an SLP index. This is a proven team. These are solid individuals, battle-tested, committed. If you have some BCH to donate, please consider giving it to the BCHD team.

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