CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Wasabi Goes In-Depth on CashFusion, Offline Crypto POS Faster Than Visa

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. Wasabi Wallet researchers continue their fascination with CashFusion. Tobias Ruck continues to make progress with his offline crypto point-of-sale project. LBRY releases its roadmap. EOS makes a case for its blockchain. AZTEC protocol promises privacy advancement, and much more in this digest installment.

Wasabi Goes In-Depth on CashFusion

Wasabi Research Club, a group dedicated especially to privacy as it relates to the popular BTC wallet, is branching out to examine an evolving Bitcoin Cash-centric tech, CashFusion. CashFusion Part 1 – Trust will take place on Feb 17, 2020. “In this session we discuss how CashFusion is attempting to ensure that no party in an unequal amount mix learns the mapping,” the group explained. “In this session we will not dive into the combinatorics, instead we leave that for part 2. In this session we will also touch some topics on CoinShuffle++ too.”

  • card and POS Faster Than Visa

Tobias Ruck continues to impress. His project is being watched carefully by the peer-to-peer electronic cash community. Every so often, he offers a glimpse of its progress. CoinSpice recorded a pretty wonderful interview where Ruck explains how he came to the idea and his hopes for its use.

  • Smart Contract Differences Between ETH and BCH

  • Bitcoin ABC 0.20.12 Released

  • A Fundraising Utility

  • BTCFORK Resumes CGTOW Token Sale

  • Using Recursive ZK Proof Composition

  • Trustless Sponsorships

  • LBRY 2020 Roadmap

  • Advanced BCH Monitoring with Tasker

“The first test will show a notification telling you that BCH grew 100%, it’s even useful to cheer up after a bad day trading. The second test will show a notification telling you that one of your addresses was credited 1 BCH (1831.50 Ror) and the third one will pop up the permanent notification,” explained elrikpiro.

  • P2pool Users Update Required

  • Why a Blockchain is a Better Application Server

  • bitcoin-ts v1.12.0 released

  • Feature-Rich Electrum Library

  • Financial Privacy Keeps Moving Forward


  • Add One More Zero: 630000


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