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CRYPTO DEV DIGEST: Zcash Developer Fund Model, Bitcoin Verde Performance, BCHD 2nd Most Useful Node

TL;DR: Crypto Dev Digest (CDD) documents cryptocurrency development, highlighting the projects and persons working under the hood. The Zcash developer fund model is considered in length. Bitcoin Cash nodes continue to improve. Non-custodial paywall generator gets life. Smart cards and wallet evolution underway, and much more in this digest installment. 

Zcash Developer Fund Model

Zcash is attempting to solve issues of continually funding developers. A lot of the ideas involve the usual block rewards set up but with catches ultimately requiring outside, real-world legal help to enforce. A popular iteration involves a trust, which necessitates a trustee, and perhaps conditional funding going forward.

“The trust concept is a specific implementation of my more general proposal that any covenants/conditions in the winning Dev Fund proposal should be enforced through a charter or similar document with $ZEC holders as third-party beneficiaries,” community thought leader lex-node explained. “The ECC and ZF have been pioneers in making themselves accountable and reducing their power (e.g., their funding of the Parity client), with concomitant legal engineering where appropriate (e.g., the recent landmark TM-sharing agreement).”

The tension, it seems, for Zcash is in divining a way to have open-source software devs remain free but also responsive to concerns over productivity. “This is vital, because many ‘Foundations’ and ‘Core Dev’ teams currently operate in a legal gray zone where they are accountable only to a ‘rough social consensus’ that is immeasurable and have no clear disclosure obligations (e.g., re: conflicts of interest),” he continued.

  • The Final Thing Holding Me Back

  • Non-Custodial BCH Paywall Generator

  • Programmable Smart Card with Display & PIN

  • Be.cash Protocol Combined with Regular Online Wallets

  • First nodejs Package for Flowee

  • Spedn 0.2 Released

Spedn 0.2 released and ready for Nov 19 protocol upgrade from btc

  • CashScript vs. Spedn

Cashscript vs Spedn from btc

  • Bitbox-SDK Ported to Python

  • BCHD Becoming the 2nd Most Used Full Node on BCH

  • Electron Cash 4.0.11 Released

  • Read.cash Having Issues with Rest

  • Read.cash Issues Caused Money to be Lost

  • Fixed All Common Third-Party Transaction Malleation Vectors

  • Simple Escrow Plugin


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