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Crypto Fire Alliance Challenges Community to Unite, Help in Wake of Australian Devastation

TL;DR: “The fires in Australia have completely decimated wildlife, homes, & lives,” cryptocurrency influencer and native Aussie Naomi Brockwell posted. “The battle to put them out has been horrendous & is getting harder.” She urged followers to visit Crypto Fire Alliance (CFA), an Australian-based platform, to assist the most direct charities working on the frontlines. 

Crypto Fire Alliance Challenges Community to Unite

“Australia is in the grips of an ongoing bushfire emergency,” Crypto Fire Alliance explained. “We’re challenging the global cryptocurrency community to unite, help out, and showcase the strength and compassion of our great ecosystem.” CFA funds are being managed by reputable auditors Finder and HiveEx, and include Blockchain Australia, TraderCobb.com, and Coinstop among CFA’s half dozen supporting members.

Funds raised will be shared with the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund, NSW Rural Fire Service Association, and WIRES, spanning help for human and wildlife victims as well as for environmental damage relief. Fire season began in July of late year, and ever since giant chunks of the country have been burned and are continuing to burn: more than two dozen people are dead, over 3,000 homes impacted, exacerbated by drought and suspected arsonists, and at least 1,000,000 animals have been lost, according to some estimates.

New South Wales (NSW) has been the region hardest hit by far though the fire’s looming presence could be seen and felt well beyond. More than 100 fires are ablaze, taxing national and federal services to the limit. NSW authorities have blamed 200+ people for having had some nefarious role in helping fires to spread. Political activists continue to claim climate change is either to blame entirely or is at least exacerbating the ferocity and duration.

$5,422.80 has been raised so far by CFA. Addresses to send a donation include:

BCH: qquleg8r4mqfjkln6ffw85jefdnpdtzcwu55k40fs2

BTC: 3BVTfsVNnugTqhPmxZ5NLifSv5g5DCyA6p

ETH: 0xFf70AC142A9D359BdE8391D10cc017C77E6e397c

USDT (ERC20): 0xFf70AC142A9D359BdE8391D10cc017C77E6e397c

USDC (ERC20): 0xFf70AC142A9D359BdE8391D10cc017C77E6e397c

XRP: rJwEcbDJps4FW51i1NBPg21mKcrJG7f4ez

LTC: M8yUhFBbJH1yQ7CeNBhs9UkfvMuoGxMvKC (please note: M-address format)


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