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Crypto Meatspace: In-Real-Life Meetups Around the World From Brazil, Japan, Miami, to Los Angeles

TL;DR: Crypto Meatspace chronicles peer-to-peer electronic cash used in real life (IRL) around the globe by real people. There’s bound to be a meetup to attend, and there are plenty of resources to start one. This month, enthusiasts from Thailand to Japan, Brazil to Venezuela, Miami to Los Angeles, and parts in-between, met IRL to actually participate in the cryptocurrency revolution.  

Crypto Meatspace: In-Real-Life Meetups Around the World

A certain segment of the ecosystem is positively smitten with meatspace when it comes to Wall Street, institutional investment, the machinations of CEOs, venture capitalists, legacy hedge funds, and traditional financial regulators. No more was this in evidence than during the World Economic Forum (WEF) held this month in Davos, Switzerland.

Meetups allow cryptocurrency enthusiasts to get endlessly creative. Here, a special SLP token was created for the occasion in Switzerland.

While there’s nothing wrong with rubbing elbows among the ultra-rich and connected, it does tend to pull discussions far away from everyday usage, merchant adoption, banking the unbanked, and retarding the progress of permissionless money for the world. Attendees are flooded at such events with “blockchain technology” and “Web 3.0” jargon at the expense of basic Bitcoin principles.

It’s sometimes hard to tell there are real people meeting in real life who are not corporate hotshots, who’re not government employees looking for clout. We’re highlighting meatspace happenings where front line users of cryptocurrency are, those who view P2P electronic cash as a way to gain more freedom in their lives.


Marcelo Pravatta helped to organize a meetup in Indaiatuba, São Paulo, Brazil. Considered one of the most important industrial regions in the country, according to the Firjan Development Index Municipal, it also ranks as best of the 100 best cities to live in Brazil.


One of the most consistent, longest-running meetups in the history of Bitcoin happens in Tokyo, Japan. Held at the famous Two Dogs Taproom in the Roppongi district, attendees can be sure to spot famous Bitcoiners in town, enjoying beer and pizza … paid for in bitcoin cash (BCH).


Bangkok, Thailand meetups have been humming along for months. Recently, they met at MASH, an easy 2-minute walk from the Saladeang MRT station. Organizers worked out a 10% cashback deal if attendees paid in BCH. Check out the video (embed).


Miami Bitcoiners were especially fortunate this month, as enthusiasts from all over flocked to be part of a large, annual conference and hackathon. Organizers called the gathering held at the American Social establishment a “massive turn out.”


To be more precise, it was held in Orange County, California. Fellows from the Bitcoin Cast podcast and YouTube show put the meetup together regularly. They gathered on a Saturday at the India House Restaurant. “The Indian food was spicy, and tasted even better paying w/BCH,” they tweeted.


Attendees of the Bitcoin Cash Meetup in Maracaibo, Venezuela snagged $5 worth of BCH. That’s pretty great, especially considering all the country is going through. The meeting was part social, part onboarding, part tech talk. Organizers there are consummate hustlers, holding meetups at fun establishments while enlisting sponsorships.


Eléonore Blanc of Crypto Canal, as fate would have it, did attend the Davos affair, but also managed to squeeze-in a meetup. “Thank you for having me last week at the #BitcoinCash meetup in Zürich,” she tweeted. “Wonderful meeting all you p2p enthusiasts, buying our delicious dinner in #BCH, having spicy #SLP talks, geeking out with @cryptophyl and smoking cigars and also paying them in #BCH. I’ll be back.”

START YOUR OWN meetup or join one: meetup@bitcoincashers.org.

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