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Crypto Meatspace: Meetup Turned Aussie Walkabout, Toronto SLP Dividends, Venezuela Grows

TL;DR: Crypto Meatspace chronicles peer-to-peer electronic cash used in real life (IRL) around the globe by real people. There’s bound to be a meetup to attend, and there are plenty of resources to start one. Three continents are the focus for this column: Australia (Oceania), North America, South America. Naomi Brockwell fires up Aussies on a crypto walkabout. Toronto peer-to-peer electronic cash enthusiasts earn SLP token dividends, and Venezuela continues growing interest in cryptocurrency. 

Noted Crypto Expert Naomi Brockwell Leads Aussie Walkabout in Western Australia

Naomi Brockwell is well-known in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The Australian native redhead is a fixture at conferences around the world, often as Mistress of Ceremonies or even keynoting. Recently, she returned to her home country, and specifically to a port city in Perth, Fremantle (Freo).

Naomi Brockwell (L) leads a crypto walking tour.

The meetup began with a crypto tutorial (pictured, inset). The group then visited 2 pubs, crypto-accepting stores, and spent time on a luxury yacht where they were given free food and beer. “I also created an SLP token for the tour via mint and handed it out to attendees, and airdropped bch into the wallets of everyone holding a token via dividends. Was pretty cool,” Brockwell told CoinSpice. Sponsors of the meetup included totheislands.com.au, @WhereCrypto, @BitcoinCom, @tecstack.

She further described the turnout as “epic,” and shared how only a “year ago, my sister didn’t understand crypto. Yesterday on the walking tour, she was the one answering all the newbies’ questions & saying she wants to start workshops for people in her field coz crypto would be so useful to them. I have never been more proud.”


The charitable group of crypto enthusiasts, Coins 4 Clothes, organized a meetup in the bustling, cosmopolitan city of Toronto, Canada. There, at the VirgoCX exchange offices, attendees were given a Purse.io demonstration. The online retail portal often offers discounts for giants like Amazon. $50 in BCH was raffled, and the group learned about SLP tokens including its dividend feature.


“The most important project of Bitcoin Cash House is the education of cryptocurrencies,” CEO Roberto explained, “and in truth that the language of this is very difficult, I remember that 5 years ago when I started learning bitcoin it was really difficult, to start there were only the complex languages I knew nothing about programming, I spent sleepless nights with the bad internet in Venezuela until little by little I was learning from that weird thing called blockchain.” His project has turned into a vibrant meetup, where he now routinely explains crypto basics to locals.

START YOUR OWN meetup or join one: meetup@bitcoincashers.org.

David Bond

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