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@CryptoDeleted Mass Reported, Suspended: BTC Maximalists’ Censorship Campaign Strikes Again

TL;DR: Popular bot account @CryptoDeleted came under attack from BTC maximalists this week, ending in mass reporting to Twitter and its eventual suspension. The anon account followed certain influential ecosystem personalities who didn’t appreciate having their deleted tweets amplified. 

BTC Maximalists’ Censorship Campaign Strikes Again: @CryptoDeleted Mass Reported

“Basically the bot got ‘attacked’ and it got suspended,” through mass reporting, @CryptoDeleted’s creator MisterCh0c explained exclusively to CoinSpice. “So I made a new one heh.” At press time, actually, MisterCh0c made at least two follow up accounts, both of which were promptly suspended as well. “They hate me cuz I’m exposing them when they delete tweets that’s all.”

When asked why anyone should care that a bot account was censored on Twitter, MisterCh0c stressed, “Well, for example, last time the bot caught a tweet from Poloniex saying ‘buy Tron,’ which is definitely biased, and it was deleted after a few minutes,” referring to the gap in time when a relationship between the cryptocurrency and exchange hadn’t yet been disclosed. “We keep the record straight, it’s public data; they just tried to hide it and I make it impossible. That’s basically what ppl do on the internet (archive.org, google cache, etc.). So, of course, it makes people mad when they have a bad take, regret it and delete it.”

A second attempt was quickly shut down.

Asked if the account’s creator noticed BTC maximalists preoccupation with it, threatening to target the account, MisterCh0c agreed our observation, but was careful to insist the account wasn’t tribal or partisan. “I don’t have opinions about this or that bitcoin. I follow maxis and others,” the CryptoDeleted creator noted. However, BTC maxis are particularly fond of social media censorship as a tool, if history is any guide, and took particular delight in bringing down CryptoDeleted today. Maxis regularly worked behind the scenes not long ago, in another example, petitioning Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey to censor the @Bitcoin handle when it began advocating for peer-to-peer electronic cash as opposed to digital gold.

“Crypto Deleted provided a great service exposing the many fake traders who want to retract any mistakes and bad calls as if they never happened,” a poster in the CryptoDeleted Telegram chat lamented at its demise. Even some maxis expressed regret the account was gone. It seemed to serve a real, valuable function, cataloging corruption and often alerting enthusiasts to issues such as hacks and general obfuscation by bad actors in the space. As for why BTC maxis would have such a grudge against CryptoDeleted, it appears to be of a personal, vanity nature. When asked, each roiled at having grammar mistakes made public by @CryptoDeleted or expressed distaste for MisterCh0c’s curation of the account.


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