Crypto’s Main Hater Says You’re All Either Fools or Crooks: Meet David Gerard

Crypto's Main Hater Says You're All Either Fools or Crooks: Meet David Gerard

David Gerard gets a lot of hate from the cryptocurrency community. Our respective tribes can be notoriously catty, and for the author Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain it appears challenging cherished beliefs, sacred cows, and assumptions hasn’t endeared him. Gerard boils all of crypto down to basically two generalizations: you’re all either fools (stupid or smart) or crooks (malevolent or greedy), with precious few in-between. He’s guest on the latest episode of Milk, ‘s flagship podcast, and he brought the spice. 

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David Gerard Believes Nearly All of Crypto is Made Up of Fools and Crooks

Look, this is CoinSpice, not CoinLove or CoinOpera. That’s important to remember because our charge, mission is to head right into controversies. We’re not afraid to take on haters, literate folks who rail against cryptocurrency.

Crypto's Main Hater Says You're All Either Fools or Crooks: Meet David Gerard

If the space will survive and thrive, it needs to divorce, quite eagerly, from tribalists and religionists. It needs scientists. It needs rational actors. Ideology is fine and even necessary, but how do we know we’re heading in a desirable direction? Disputation, argument, debate are the proper tools to determine such.

Echo chambers are awful, deadening, and harden hearts while darkening minds. Gerard has many controversial opinions when it comes to the ecosystem, and in 2D Twitter or even in his book (which is worth a read) he can come off coarse, cynical. David Gerard frankly believes the tech is old, the idea mildly clever, the people either deluded or frauds, and that there’s almost no hope for the ecosystem whatever.

Import Mental Exercises

With the currency part of crypto not having caught on in any meaningful sense, Gerard sees it as a simple speculative commodity, and not much else. People have made a lot of money in the space, but that’s measured by fiat. And, of course, people have lost a lot of money in crypto as well.

Crypto's Main Hater Says You're All Either Fools or Crooks: Meet David Gerard

Our conversation covers it all, from Gerard’s compelling psychological thesis to his less interesting musings about Ross Ulbricht. I think you’ll find he is someone to grapple with, to shore up your crypto apologetics or to get you digging deeper.

I like the way he thinks, and he provides a valuable service, even while not on purpose, to the crypto universe. Shortly before we recorded this episode, even Vitalik Buterin lauded Gerard for his challenge. Whatever the case, he’s a good interview, and he’s also self-made. His book, which has sold thousands of copies in a variety of formats, is an independent project. That’s admirable on it own.

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