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China Central Bank Digital Currency is Close, Bakkt Consumer App, Tether Booms on TRON Chain

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. A China central bank digital currency is close to reality. Bakkt to launch a consumer-oriented app. Tether almost reaches $1 billion on TRON. Binance lists Blockstack “free,” but receives $250K “long term payment.” Lebanon restricts physical dollar withdrawals out of the country, and Tipbitcoin.cash adds Badger Wallet integration.

China Central Bank Digital Currency is Close

Huang Qifan, vice president of the China International Economic Exchange Centre, and recently declared the People’s Bank of China has been “studying DCEP for five or six years, and is likely to be the first central bank in the world to launch a digital currency,” in a speech given to the China Finance 40 Forum (CF40). DCEP (digital currency electronic payment) is the digital currency that will allow China to “achieve real-time collection of data related to money creation, bookkeeping, etc, providing useful reference for the provision of money and the implementation of monetary policies.”

Bakkt to Launch Consumer App in 2020

China Central Bank

Bakkt, the bitcoin futures exchange, will launch a consumer-oriented app in 2020 to leverage the power of crypto assets as a digital payment system. According to the press release, the idea is to create a merchant-based platform that will give consumers the power to discover digital assets and use them as a form of payment with these affiliated merchants. The original idea of buying a coffee with bitcoin that fueled the Bakkt-mania could be real, as they announced Starbucks will be their first launch partner.

Tether Booming as a TRC20 Token

China Central Bank

Tether, the stablecoin currency now present on four blockchains, is booming on the TRON blockchain as a TRC20 token. Kickstarted by an alliance with Huobi, a cryptocurrency exchange offering a 30% APR reward for depositing more than 100 TRC20-USDT, it reached almost one billion dollars issued on top of TRON total recently, a factor that could have fueled the sudden prise rise of more than 20%.

Binance Receives $250K “Long Term Payment” After Blockstack Listing


Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange with most volumes traded, denied having collected any listing fee to support Blockstack on the exchange’s cryptocurrency trading lineup. Despite this claim, Binance received 833,333 tokens, worth $250K as a “long term payment,” which is “meant to watch out for the Blockstack ecosystem by incentivizing Binance to list Stacks over many years and aligns well with our long-term focus,” according to Blockstack CEO Muneeb Ali, denying this had anything to do with the listing.

Lebanon Implements Capital Controls Under Heavy Protests

The government of Lebanon banned taking large sums of physical dollars out of the country without a permit from the central bank, according to Reuters. This measure is directed to avoid a bank run. Protests due to political unrest have caused banks to be closed for eight straight days during eleven days of protest. The Lebanese Bank Association is facing the difficult task of finding a way to re-opening withdrawals without causing that dreaded bank run.

TipBitcoin.cash Announces Badger Wallet Integration

Tipbitcoin.cash, the tipping service for live video streamers using BCH and SPICE, announced its integration with Badger Wallet, the most popular SLP-enabled cryptocurrency wallet. Now users will be able to tip directly from inside their wallets, where payments will be reflected before tipping. This is a great addition to the Tipbitcoin.cash software, given the fact Badger, even if still in beta phase, is one of the most used SLP wallets to hold and transact SPICE.

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