Decentralized Blockchain Application Breaker Launches Netflix-Like Competitor

Decentralized Blockchain Application Breaker Launches Netflix-Like Competitor

TL;DR: SingularDTV has rebranded, becoming Breaker, a media blockchain decentralized application (dApp) to distribute media content, including movies and music online. Documentaries such as Trust Machine, directed by Alex Winter, are set to be available on the dApp in just over a month, while others are already online for rent or purchase. It’s one of the first well funded, industry placed ventures of its kind, and the crypto ecosystem is curious to see how it works out. 

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SingularDTV is Now Breaker dApp

“SingularDTV has come a long way,” the company announced on Medium. “Almost three years ago, we performed our Token Generation Event (TGE) and laid out our massively ambitious goal of decentralizing the entertainment industry.”

Projects of note include electronic dance music artist Gramatik and documentary films such as Alex Winter’s Trust Machine. “But today also marks a larger transition,” they continued. “As of today, we are no longer SingularDTV. Starting today, we are Breaker.” Breaker claims to be “steadfastly committed to empowering creators around the globe with new technology. We aim to create a space where artists and audiences can interact more directly — without the need for gatekeepers. And Breaker, as a word, as a name, is an expression of those truths.”

Decentralized Blockchain Application Breaker Launches Netflix-Like Competitor

The dApp can be downloaded onto Apple and Windows operating systems, and it seems fairly straightforward. Accounts are confirmed through an email address. Users can pay through credit cards or by creating a Lightwallet and purchasing proprietary tokens from Breaker, Tokit. It’s a clear attempt to demonstrate a blockchain use case when it comes to entertainment distribution, bypassing the studio system and giants like Netflix.

Alex Winter Interview

Prince’s Sign of the Times concert movie is available, as well as lesser know films and productions. They’ve got a few indy studios uploading content to rent or buy, and there’s even a public domain feature of old movies to watch for free.

Breaker, FilmRise, Oscilloscope, Vertical are the main uploaders of content. The dApp is the vision of Zach LeBeau, Kim Jackson (CoinSpice interviewed Jackson about the company’s plans), and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin. Director Steven Soderbergh explained, “I’m always looking for new ways to increase the transparency of the business while also trying to simplify it. If this what the future’s going to look like, I want to be in on it early.” His project, Perfect, is also on the platform.

CoinSpice attended the Los Angeles premiere of Trust Machine, and interviewed director Alex Winter (above). The documentary has now become a meta look at the subject of blockchain and the hype surrounding it. With the film expected to be released on Breaker in mid-March of 2019, Trust Machine demonstrates the subject it documented.

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