Development Using Bitcoin Cash is Still Unnecessarily Hard: Looks to Raise 750 BCH (~$175,000) in Flipstarter Campaign

TL;DR: Arguably the most successful and exciting project in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem, blogging platform isn’t satisfied with the state of present development. Its anonymous founder set up a fundraising campaign using Flipstarter to improve the integration and usefulness of promising projects like SLP tokens, AnyHedge, SWaP, etc., in hopes to “simplify development, ease onboarding of new developers and let them build their new ideas and really boost the ecosystem.” Looks to Raise 750 BCH (~$175,000) in Flipstarter Campaign

As of this writing, raised 258.41 BCH, roughly $63,483.58, just over 36% of its goal toward $175,000 (750 BCH), spread among a mere 5 contributions. And 27% of that total so far is from someone labeling themselves “,” presumed home to developers on marquee portal, with 200.15 BCH (+$17,000). [UPDATE: founder Roger Ver confirmed the formal pledge.]

It’s a testimony to at least three things: 1, bitcoin cash as an easily donate-able money; 2, the lure of non-custodial crowdfunding site Flipstarter; and 3, how excited the BCH community in general is about Over a matter of months, the anonymously-led blogging site has become the place to break uncensored opinions, share stories, muse, and hash out controversies for the peer-to-peer cash space. Readers can tip modest-to-large sums of BCH, vote up or down on content, comment, and even become creators (very often, they’re all of these).

However, seemingly wonderful technologies floating around the Bitcoin Cash community “do exist and are working,” the anon founder explained, from tokens to transaction anonymity tools, “but the integration, documentation and simplicity is not there.” He continued, “Wouldn’t it be nice if [… a] few lines of code [would] you get something as complex as blind escrow contract working? Think of how many new applications, games, sites using Bitcoin Cash that can spur!” But that is decidedly not the case, as the current “state of Bitcoin Cash libraries is a bit disappointing,” he lamented, describing a hellish handshake-dropping across the TestNet board for any enterprising dev looking to build using the various projects., then, a proven successful project, seeks the funding of developers, servers, administrators, marketing, translators, etc. to end that outlined gridlock. “Our back of the napkin estimation shows that for such [a] project to succeed, we would need to collect at least 750 BCH (~$175,000),” he stressed. “The majority of money would be used to finance developers,” described as “really expensive” and so “the amount we’re looking for is about two developer-years.” Conceding it’s “not enough,” the anon founder also claimed “won’t use all of it on developers, though. We need some infrastructure too – servers to host and test this stuff, continuous deployment pipeline that ensures that we don’t release something that breaks people’s sites, we need voice actors and editors to create video tutorials (hopefully there will be enough for that) and we plan to spend some on attracting outside developers to come and try programming with Bitcoin Cash. Probably we’ll need something for code audits too.” The fundraiser expires August 9, 2020.

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