Home News Digital Pickup Artist David Bond is Pleading with the Bitcoin Cash Community

Digital Pickup Artist David Bond is Pleading with the Bitcoin Cash Community

TL;DR: Self-proclaimed digital pickup artist David Bond has traveled the world, living a nomadic entrepreneurial lifestyle. A few months ago, he took up cryptocurrency in a mix of interest, curiosity, and pragmatism. A poor user-experience with BTC led him ultimately to try bitcoin cash (BCH), and he’s been on something of a crusade ever since. He landed in the CoinSpice private Telegram chat, conducted a rollicking and super fun interview with a Bitcoin legend, and even recently made an explainer video. Is he the controversial hero peer-to-peer electronic cash needs or deserves? 

A Digital Pickup Artist is Pleading with the Bitcoin Cash Community

David Bond is “a single digital nomad who doesn’t give a fuck,” as he markets himself from Thailand where he spends a lot of time. “I swim in an ocean of haters but at the end of the day all that matters is that I’m living the life I want to live.” It’s an attractive fantasy to the hordes of cryptocurrency enthusiasts around the world who are either tethered to their native country or bogged down in typical work-a-day jobs.

When Bond suddenly appeared within the CoinSpice private Telegram chat a few months back, he joined to learn more about peer-to-peer electronic cash and its community. A fellow traveler who also enjoys crypto and lives in Thailand, the lovely JajaaSB, sent Bond a load of BCH stickers. To make a point, Bond teased his girlfriend by promptly sticking them on her and sharing his hijinks with the channel. He’d found Bitcoin Cash and CoinSpice, and was hungry to get started.

He was also serious about learning, asking questions so basic they caused many crypto veterans to pause in how they answered, to make sure they were being clear. That is Bond’s value. He strips away all the bravado and tribalism, and asks why anyone at all should be bothered with something like Bitcoin Cash.

Concentrate Less on What BCH is Not and More on What BCH is

Some veterans David Bond asked answered in relation to BCH not being BTC, promptly rehashing the by now years-old scaling debates and problematic maximalist personalities drama. Bond listened and read, but grew impatient. He simply didn’t have time to learn the entire damn history of every niche argument. What he wanted was practical information: wallet navigation, privacy tools, off-boarding and on-ramping fiat, etc. Save the ideology.

He’s tried to explain it many times now. Stop with the whole BTC comparison, he urges. It’s a turnoff, using the language of his notorious profession in wooing women. Doing so not only gets people less excited about crypto but they almost immediately disregard Bitcoin Cash completely.

Bond stresses how he almost abandoned the entire crypto idea because of the tribalism and arcane debates. What convinced him was a real-life experiment. He had trouble moving $1,000 — it was too expensive with BTC. That caused him to look for easier alternatives, and Bitcoin Cash filled that requirement immediately. Using it, actually employing BCH for a use case, is what set off sparks in his head about its superiority as digital money.

His business is, again, controversial, and so mainstream payments platforms have become censorious and unreliable. That’s a huge problem for online brands like Bond’s. If he cannot produce content in the way he desires, his livelihood vanishes. Instead, he’s opting for crypto, employing both BTC and BCH, something of a heretical notion to both camps. The way Bond views it, most of his audience will probably be more familiar with BTC just by sheer network effect, and so he has to appeal to them in an obvious manner. But when they experience higher fees, slower confirmation times, and clunkier user experience overall, they’re going to at least look-in to BCH and maybe adopt it in the way he did. Maybe another light goes off for them. No need for drama. No need for argument. Proof of proof.

David Bond

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