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Digital Pickup Artist’s Latest Product: Hacks to Meet Women Online & 40% Bitcoin Discount

TL;DR: Infamous digital pickup artist David Bond is back with a new product, promising dudes virtual keys to the online world of meeting women. It turns out, for the average single guy there are some disadvantages to playing the numbers game straight and by the rules. Bond has a few hacks to get around barriers, bending rules, he admits, “a lot.” Interestingly, his advice now comes with a cryptocurrency tutorial and a 40% discount if it’s paid for in bitcoin.  

Digital Pickup Artist’s Latest Product

David Bond has been chased by the media all over the world, hounded due to the perception he is a cynical dude using women’s emotions as his personal and business plaything. At some level, Bond probably would not deny that, but might also insist he never forces anyone to do anything. Meeting women is really all about opportunity, Bond would likely stress.

digital pickup
David Bond and friend.

The tactics he uses to make those opportunities happen, however, is where things get tricky. He games boost offers on social media platforms such as Instagram, for example, putting his video vignettes in front of thousands of women for only a few dollars — a service perhaps intended for products, not dating.

He’s also learned through his vast experience with dating-specific applications, such as Tinder, themselves game and crack-cocaine-like lure newer users to continue engaging with the platform. Give new users a rush of potential matches, and they’re sure to believe they’ve struck gold. Little do they know such occurrences are baked-in to the Tinder algorithm to do exactly that; soon, matches drop off significantly, and chasing the initial high pushes guys to buy add space of a kind. Bond routinely switches out SIM cards as part of a strategy to take advantage of such favoritism. So who is gaming who, exactly?

Permissionless Information Sharing

That’s Bond’s entire premise. You’re being manipulated in a host of ways, and the sooner guys figure that out the better they’re going to be at winning the war of putting their profiles in front of women who might be interested. There are other, more in-depth techniques Bond uses to meet women online, and, well, it can come across as very, very creepy. So creepy, in fact, traditional payment rails might inevitably fold under protest.

PayPal and other online payments services are notoriously responsive to political pressures, to campaigns using trigger words to scare away banks and credit cards. Bond overtly understands this problem, and he believes he’s found a suitable workaround, Bitcoin. It’s arguably the most classic of use cases for cryptocurrency: permissionless information sharing.

Bond invites potential consumers of his digital pickup products to become part of his world, to share in the discovery of new ideas, insights. Sure, it’s not be splitting the atom or curing cancer, but to some dudes desperate for companionship, meeting women might be even more important. To make sure he can offer such information without censorship or sanction, Bond’s latest offer includes a tutorial on all things crypto: how to get it, use it, and basic literacy. No polemics. No grand philosophical debate. Bond employs the greatest human impulse, combines it with knowledge, and offers utility as a means to romantic ends. Oh, and customers who pay with crypto earn a 40% discount, thereby bypassing what he calls a “fiat fee.”

Bitcoin Cash

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