Dumb, Humorless Crypto News Outlets Fall for Obvious Satoshi Hoax, Miss Point

Dumb, Humorless Crypto News Outlets Fall for Obvious Satoshi Hoax, Miss Point

TL;DR: Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Séchet tweeted, “I am Satoshi Nakamoto. There it is said and I can prove it,” and pasted a signature string for good measure along with a hash message, summoning a familiar phrase, “It’s content will be revealed soon. If you don’t believe me, stiff!” Most savvy cryptocurrency enthusiasts understood him to be making a point about evidence and proof, telling a lie in the greater service to truth. Dumb, humorless crypto news outlets fell for it, however, ultimately trolling themselves in the process, revealing more about their tech knowledge and journalism chops than Séchet’s claims. 

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Amaury Séchet is Satoshi Nakamoto

“What I’m doing is like a vaccine. Exposing people to a mild form of the disease,” Amaury Séchet told CoinSpice. Those who have interacted with the developer understand he likes to laugh, and his sense of humor is notoriously dry and sarcastic.

Dumb, Humorless Crypto News Outlets Fall for Obvious Satoshi Hoax, Miss Point

Recently, Bitcoin SV (BSV) zealots have once again begun championing CoinSpice’s Spiciest Person of 2018 as Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous presumed creator of Bitcoin and author of its vaunted white paper. BSV has struggled since its hasty inception as of 15 November last year, and proponents seem at an immediate loss to revive the project.

For a small part of a yet even smaller faction of the crypto space, a living Satoshi would carry social weight, almost like a religious guru or mystic. She would presume to have inside knowledge of Bitcoin’s true nature, and very likely be considered by such folk in a papal manner: final, definitive. The rest of the ecosystem has largely moved-on, determining Bitcoin to have been invented by either a group of people or someone who died.

Humorless, Dumb Crypto News Outlets Fall for Hoax

Hit hard too by a slumping market, crypto news outlets are dying for clicks, readers. One outlet subtitled an article section, “JURY IS OUT ON AMAURY SECHET BEING BITCOIN CREATOR SATOSHI NAKAMOTO,” assuring “we are journalists. We have to report on the fact that a prominent BCH developer is now appearing to claim the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Certain questions arise as to the nature of Sechet’s wealth. For one thing, if he’s Satoshi Nakamoto and he doesn’t believe in Bitcoin Core anymore, why not just cash in his billions and pump the Bitcoin Cash price?”

Dumb, Humorless Crypto News Outlets Fall for Obvious Satoshi Hoax, Miss Point

The sheer stupidity of such a question tells a reader tons about that reporter, editor, and the outlet publisher(s). At the very least, someone is not paying attention. As of publication half a dozen other news sites picked up the story to varying degrees of credulity, taking the opportunity to bash Séchet and bitcoin cash (BCH). Even Yahoo! Finance reprinted the claim, preferring to rest details firmly on the shoulders of crypto news sources by linking back rather than giving it their entire page — a way to skip responsibility.

It turns out, noted developer Mark Lundeberg helped devise the hoax lesson, hoping it would serve to make the ecosystem more skeptical about charlatans who claim outrageous identities and proof. “There has been and there will be people claiming to be Satoshi. Some will have proof that may seem convincing. It takes wind off their sail,” Séchet explained to CoinSpice.

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