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Bitcoin ABC Convinces Kraken to Enable CashAddr, ECB Monitors Crypto, Blockstream Mining

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Bitcoin ABC convinces Kraken to enable CashAddr format. European Central Bank, ECB, to use chain data to monitor cryptocurrencies. Blockstream reveals BTC mining and pool services. Liquid Network down for 12 hours. CoinEx announces option trading, and dash will be listed on the upcoming Bitcoin.com exchange.

Bitcoin ABC Convinces Kraken to Implements CashAddr

Bitcoin ABC

CashAddr is a Bitcoin Cash (BCH) address system designed to aide transaction clarity. Bitcoin ABC lead developer, Amaury Séchet, explained, “I contacted Kraken a few weeks ago and asked them to switch to CashAddr. I am happy to see Kraken implement this change. It benefits users by helping them avoid mistakes when depositing funds.” It’s instantly distinguishable from other cryptocurrency addresses due to the prefix, “bitcoincash:”. The format has been around since early 2018, becoming widely adopted by the BCH community.

ECB to Use On-Chain Data to Monitor Crypto Assets

Bitcoin ABC

The ECB (European Central Bank) revealed they will use more on-chain data to monitor the movements of cryptocurrency assets. The institution declared they already have a system to track some of these assets, according to a report called, “Understanding the crypto-asset phenomenon, its risks and measurement issues.” They declared that this collected data is full of holes and gaps, and that they will go into more detail later, stating they will “continue to work on indicators and data by dealing with the complexity and growing challenges.”

Blockstream Reveals Mining Service and Pool

Bitcoin ABC

Blockstream, the company behind the Liquid Network and other BTC endeavors, revealed their new mining and mining pool services. Blockstream announced their mining services consist of enterprise colocation for third party equipment that can be managed remotely via a software app. This initiative started back in 2017 at a time when “it appeared that parties involved in ASIC manufacture, hosting, and pool operations were becoming a centralizing force.” A mining pool using the BetterHash algorithm was also announced.

Liquid Network Unavailable for 12 Hours

Blockstream, a BTC focused company, announced through a tweet that Liquid, BTC’s advertised sidechain for exchanges and fast settlement purposes that recently added tether to its network, would be out of service for 12 hours. The company explained this was the result of a “scheduled upgrade that requires additional functionary action,” and let users know their funds would be secured during this event.

CoinEx Announces Option Trading

CoinEx, a notable China-based cryptocurrency exchange, announced it would feature option trading this August, according to CEO Haipo Yang. Options are contracts that give buyers the right to buy or sell an underlying asset. The assets that would be available for this kind of trading were not announced, but the exchange did inform more margin and future trade assets would be added this month.

Dash Will be Listed on Upcoming Bitcoin.com Exchange

Dash, a popular cryptocurrency, will be listed on the new Bitcoin.com exchange to be launched in early September. While dash was not on the official list of supported assets, Roger Ver, executive chairman of Bitcoin.com, was asked about the possibility of adding dash. Ver answered: “Of course Dash will be supported. Dash is digital cash!” Dash is a cryptocurrency very popular in places like Venezuela and Colombia, where there are some franchises and stores that accept it.

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