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EOS Voice, China Twitter Censorship, Binance DEX Blocks

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto update from your favorite reporter, Linzerd. Binance DEX to block certain countries, starting next July. Twitter suspends Chinese government critics’ accounts, apologizes later. Block.one launches Voice, an EOS-based social network. Coinbase loses COO amidst executives’ exodus. LocalBitcoins removes cash trades. CoinEx ready to list SLP tokens, and FreeCodeCamp leaving Medium due to paywall pressure.

Binance DEX Will Apply Geo-Blocks Starting in July

EOS Voice Launches, Twitter Aids China Censorship, Binance DEX Geo-Blocks

Binance DEX, the decentralized wing of the popular exchange, will start applying geographical blocks to certain countries in July. Though the exchange just recently opened its doors, it seems they are protecting themselves from lawsuits similar to the one the creator of EtherDelta, one of the most important decentralized exchanges, had to face. 29 countries will be blocked by Binance, including the US, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, and North Korea.

Twitter Suspends Accounts of Chinese Government Critics, Apologizes Later

EOS Voice Launches, Twitter Aids China Censorship, Binance DEX Geo-Blocks

Twitter apologized due to a new wave of account bans of people critical to the Chinese government. Twitter answered such accounts were captured as a result of platform manipulation. Despite this, they acknowledged some of the these actions were executed wrongly, and assured they were working to “overturn any errors” they committed.

EOS-Based Voice: New Social Network by Block.one

EOS Voice Launches, Twitter Aids China Censorship, Binance DEX Geo-Blocks

Block.one, the company behind EOS, introduced Voice, a new social network built on top of the EOS blockchain. Voice will be led by a different paradigm than its conventional peers, Brendan Blumer, Block.one CEO, declared. About conventional social networks, he stated that “right now, it’s the platform, not the user, that reaps the reward. By design, they run by auctioning our information to advertisers, pocketing the profit.” Voice will run on a blockchain, meaning every interaction and move will be public and transparent.

Coinbase Loses COO Amidst Wave of Key Execs Leaving the Company

EOS Voice Launches, Twitter Aids China Censorship, Binance DEX Geo-Blocks

Coinbase lost another major executive amidst a wave of key people leaving the company starting during 2018. Asiff Hirji, now former Chief Operating Officer, is just the last exec leaving the company, this time for unknown reasons. Brian Armstrong, Coinbase CEO, stated “his experience and mentorship helped guide Coinbase through an important chapter in its history.” Coinbase’s CTO Balaji Srinivasan, and important players Dan Romero, Adam White and Christine Sandler have also left the company in recent months.

LocalBitcoins Removed Cash Trades

EOS Voice Launches, Twitter Aids China Censorship, Binance DEX Geo-Blocks

LocalBitcoins, one of the first peer to peer exchanges, removed the option of transacting bitcoin in exchange for cash, limiting users’ options to remote payment methods. With this move, LocalBitcoins removes the option of users personally meeting themselves, a practice some people considered dangerous. The company has not made any formal statements regarding the matter as of press time, but news spread quickly on social networks due to the importance of this exchange in some countries.

CoinEx to List SLP Tokens Soon

Haipo Yang, founder and CEO of CoinEx, commented about the evolution of including SLP tokens on CoinEx. According to a tweet posted from his personal account, the support for Bitcoin Cash based tokens is already present on their platform. Yang declared, “the first SLP token will list on CoinEx soon.”

FreeCodeCamp Leaving Medium Due to Paywall Pressures

FreeCodeCamp, a non-profit organization fostering programming learning, decided to leave Medium, the publishing platform, due to pressures related to article paywalling. According to Quincy Larson, founder of FreeCodeCamp, Medium tried to make them put paywalls on their articles, contradicting the objectives of a non-profit organization. Larson stated that after wanting to purchase them “then they started threatening us with a lawyer.” Sites like FreeCodeCamp contribute 5% of the traffic Medium receives.

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