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Ethereum Foundation Devcon 5 After Party Features Rare ETH-Bitcoin Cash Networking Chance

TL;DR: Devcon 5 is the Ethereum (ETH) Foundation’s annual conference, described as being “for builders of all kinds: developers, designers, researchers, client implementers, test engineers, infrastructure operators, community organizers, social economists and artists.” While participants gather around the theme of the world’s second most valuable cryptocurrency this year in Osaka, Japan, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocates have extended invitations to attendees for an after-party meetup, combining the two communities for a rare chance to facilitate networking and best practices. 

Devcon 5 After Party: A Hybrid ETH-BCH Meetup

Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir, Karl Floersch, other well-known Ethereum personalities and contributors, along with dozens of speakers from various projects, will be at Devcon 5 in Osaka, Japan, October 8-11, 2019. Topics include many inside-baseball type development projects related to Ethereum, of course, but also its 2020 roadmap.

Devcon 5

Seizing on the opportunity, Osaka Bitcoin Cash enthusiasts have organized a meetup to coincide with the highly anticipated conference. Organizers Yumeno and Cheap Lightning decided to take the open spirit of the annual gathering to further break all crypto tribal rules by hosting a combination meetup around the same time.

The Devcon 5 After Party meetup will happen October 10, in J’Adore on Osaka, Japan, between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM, and it is sponsored by Haven, CoinSpice, Digital Owls, Bitcoin.com, CashFusion, Sideshift.ai, and cheaplightning.com. They’re expecting well-over 100 conference-goers to attend.

We Can Learn From Each Other

“The idea came up when I heard Devcon was coming to Osaka, and we were already organizing a meetup, so we saw the opportunity for it,” Cheap Lightning told CoinSpice. It would not be going too far to suggest such a meetup is something of a statement against raging coin maximalism so often on display within social media.

In recent months, the two communities have been getting closer. Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, for example, was very supportive of Bitcoin Cash during the so-called Hash War, and has since gone on to praise its developers and even hinted at using the BCH chain to assist with ETH scaling solutions. “Both ETH and BCH have really strong communities,” Cheap Lightning continued. “We seem to have somewhat different priorities. But generally, we are both really passionate.”

Devcon 5

“We both want the same thing I think. Basically anyway. New money for the world. I think there are not too many ETH maximalists. My interactions with people in that community have always been very cordial,” Cheap Lightning also stressed. He’s been proven correct at least in one instance when ETH dev Rosco Kalis began contributing to BCH through his CashScript project.

“If the conversation flows into this cool thing that is happening on another chain, I want to hear about it and I think many other people would too. We can learn from each other. I fully welcome any open-minded person to come to our meetup,” Cheap Lightning urged.

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