Ethermine to Distribute $2.4 Million Fee Among Miners; Fed Now Buying Individual Bonds; LocalCryptos Add Litecoin

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Ethermine is set to distribute $2.4 million fees among its miners. Federal Reserve announced individual bonds purchasing. LocalCryptos adds Litecoin to its lineup. YouTube reinstates channel. OKEx partners with Paxful to offer improved fiat-to-crypto ramps, and WhatsApp adds in-app payments in Brazil. 

Ethermine to Distribute Strange $2.4 Million Tx Fee Among Miners

Ethermine, an Ethereum mining pool that received one of the strange transactions with a fee of more than $2 million, will distribute these funds to all of the miners, according to a statement on Twitter. Bitfly, the operator of Ethermine, made the announcement, saying it had given enough time for the funds to be reclaimed by the issuer of the transaction. The absurd fee transactions are now believed to be part of a blackmail scheme of an Ethereum service, but no wallet or service has publicly admitted having any relation.

Federal Reserve Now Buying Individual Bonds


The Federal Reserve has taken yet another measure to provide liquidity and financing to the market, announcing it will now start buying individual bonds. This is an escalation of its earlier announcement made last month that established the Fed would purchase ETFs tracking the bond market. The program was updated to “create a corporate bond portfolio that is based on a broad, diversified market index of US corporate bonds.”

LocalCryptos Adds Litecoin to Cryptocurrency Roster

LocalCryptos, a non-custodial P2P market formerly known as LocalEthereum, added Litecoin to its supported list of cryptocurrencies. Now, users of the platform will be able to purchase and sell Litecoin using LocalCryptos’ system. LocalCryptos also announced they would be collecting no fees during the first three days of listing until June 18th. In addition to this, they hinted at the addition of a new cryptocurrency to be unveiled on June 29th. According to the press statement released, the new crypto is “not Dogecoin.”

YouTube Reinstates Channel


YouTube, the video distribution platform, reinstated’s channel after a short ban. The suspension was appealed by Roger Ver, Founder, in a letter explaining the function of the channel, making special emphasis of its direct compliance of YouTube’s platform rules, while stating this could be the result of a “brigading” attack. YouTube told they were not violating their terms of service. However, this shows the importance of decentralized alternative platforms such as LBRY.

OKEx Partners With Paxful to Offer More Accessible Fiat-to-Crypto Ramps


Malta-based exchange OKEx partnered with Paxful to offer more options for their users to purchase and sell crypto with fiat currencies. According to the press release, the Paxful Kiosk will be integrated directly within the OKEx platform, giving customers from all over the world the chance of buying crypto with their national fiat currencies in a frictionless and easy way. “With this partnership, we hope to continue to build up the ecosystem together and make crypto more accessible,” said Paxful CEO Ray Youssef.

Whatsapp Adds In-App Payments for Brazil

WhatsApp introduced native payments in Brazil, a feature that will let users send and receive money in-app without incurring fees. The feature is being powered by Facebook Pay, and uses the same payment methods configured in the app. WhatsApp enabled cards from Banco do Brasil, Nubank, and Sicredi to be added as payment origins. WhatsApp specified that while sending money between people will be free, companies will have to pay a fee to receive customer payments, just like a credit card transaction.

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