EU COVID-19 Blockchain Passport; Binance Supports STEEM Fork; Hal Finney Widow on 11 Year Old BTC

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. European Union firms are working on a blockchain-based coronavirus passport. Binance will support funds-seizing STEEM fork. 11-year-old BTC were not moved by Hal Finney’s widow. Chinese parliament member calls for the establishment of a blockchain development fund. Argentina tightens cryptocurrency trade compliance rules, and Blockonomics introduces Bitcoin Cash payments.

EU Firms Working on a Blockchain Coronavirus Passport


Data scientists in the European Union (EU) are working on the creation of a blockchain-based coronavirus passport to let governments of the region keep a record of the citizens that have contracted the disease. Data from EU citizens will be handled by three health firms, and it will be updated in real-time on the KSI blockchain, developed by Estonia-based company Guardtime. EU governments will then be able to monitor if any patient is not infected, currently infected, recovered, or vaccinated (when available).

Binance to Support Controversial STEEM Fork


Binance, one of the most important crypto exchanges, announced it will support the controversial STEEM fork that seized an important amount of funds from promoters of the new STEEM hard fork, HIVE. While Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao acknowledges this is an issue with an “overly centralized” blockchain, his take will be to support the fork to protect the holders of the currency on the exchange. Former STEEM witnesses who were harmed with the fork are planning to launch a class-action lawsuit against the fork sponsors.

11 Year Bitcoin Moved Did Not Belong to Hal Finney


The mystery about the 50 BTC moved after having more than 11 year mined deepens now that Fran Finney, the wife of deceased Bitcoin pioneer Hal Finney, denied having any involvement in these transactions. “Very odd,” Finney’s widow declared when she was questioned about the subject, stating these bitcoin “were not coins my husband mined and we had nothing to do with this.” Other early bitcoin miners including Martti Malmi and Marshall Hayner have also denied having moved the coins.

Chinese Parliament Member Suggests a Blockchain Development Fund

Tan Jieqing, a member of the Chinese Parliament, proposed to create a development fund to boost the growth of blockchain-related industries in the country. Jieqing stressed current conditions are not favorable to bolster this new tech in the country. “The number of blockchain enterprises is small, the scale is small, the strength is weak, the talents are lacking, and the information is impeded,” he stated. Blockchain could be included in the new plan of the country to “seize the future global blockchain technology.”

Argentina Tightening Control on Cryptocurrency Trading

Argentina is tightening control on crypto trading to curb money laundering and other crimes that could be taking advantage of some cryptocurrency traits. The FIU (Financial Information Unit) will overhaul its vigilance on exchanges to force AML policy compliance. But this new interest could also serve to control citizens who want to buy crypto with their fiat currency to convert it to USD in exchanges. The Argentinian fiat currency has been facing steep devaluation, and citizens are hedging dollars and bitcoin to keep their wealth.

Blockonomics Introduces Bitcoin Cash Payment Support

Blockonomics, a cryptocurrency payment gateway provider, recently announced it is now supporting Bitcoin Cash in its payment offerings. The support will come in two forms. First, they have added BCH to its payments API, and now users can generate BCH addresses and receive payment in any custom website; and second, it is now supported for WHMCS platforms via a plugin already available for download. Support for other platforms like WordPress is still not available and currently waiting for feedback from users.

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