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Iran Miners Fearful Waiting for Rules, Euro Central Bank Addresses Stablecoins, SLP Hackathon

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. FinCEN to study using blockchain technology for surveillance purposes. European Central Bank addresses stablecoins and a digital euro. The SLP Hackathon is currently underway. Iran miners facing fines and jail-time while waiting for new regulations. Vodafone running AR token game in London, and Anypay launches Bitcoin Tip Jar for restaurant servers.

Iran Miners Fear Taxes and Jail Waiting for Regulation

Iran Miners

Iran miners seem to be having a bad time with reports of outrageous fines, mining equipment confiscation, and even being jailed in some cases while they wait for formal regulation. An anonymous source told CoinDesk, “In just one area in the southern part of Tehran, a dozen [mining] farms were [recently] closed.” The situation has gotten so difficult for that another anonymous source claimed he personally knew more than 15 bitcoin miners who were jailed. Legislation is still pending with no date announced.

FinCEN Will Study Blockchain as Tool for Law Enforcement

Iran Miners

The US Congress passed a bill enabling FinCEN, The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, to study new decentralized ledger technologies such as blockchain and how they can aid in monitoring and surveillance tasks. The bill stipulates FinCEN needs to deliver the study no more than six months later for discussion and review. This is one of the first steps taken in official recognition of blockchain’s potential for surveillance, and it will, most likely, be studied to as eventually helpful in watching cryptocurrency transactions.

European Central Bank Addresses Stablecoins and Digital Euro

Iran Miners

The Head of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, voiced his thoughts about the rise of stablecoins and the opportunities for a digital euro. In a letter, Draghi criticized that “stablecoin arrangements are largely untested and give rise to a host of risks and issues… related to monetary policy transmission, financial stability, and the smooth functioning of the global payment system.” He declared a digital euro was being considered “while taking into consideration domestic requirements and global developments.”

Bitcoin Cash SLP Virtual Hackathon Happening Now

The SLP hackathon, bringing together developer groups interested in projects using the SLP Bitcoin Cash-based token solution, is happening this weekend, and according to Twitter reports there are very interesting projects. The hackathon ends September 30, and all the projects will be available online for anyone to examine the power and versatility SLP can offer.

Vodafone Tries AR and Token Giveaway

Vodafone, the famous telecom carrier, is innovating with blockchain a new game involving the use of tokens and augmented reality. The game, called Find Unlimited, uses AR technology to put non-fungible tokens (called Vatoms) in landmarks around the city of London. The users just have to take a picture of the vatoms to win great prizes like phones. This week, 36 of these vatoms are set to appear in London, and the game will give hints to users about the location of tokens.

Anypay Launches Bitcoin Tip Jar for Tipping Employees

While most third party payments solutions focus just on the merchant, Anypay is including a new solution tailored for employees. Steven Zeiler, CEO of Anypay, announced the launch of their Bitcoin Tip Jar, a solution included in the main app that lets employees also “get the coin they deserve.” Bitcoin Cash is especially suited for these kinds of transactions due to low transaction fees, and Zeiler noted, “bitcoin activists, restauranteurs and servers will love #bch.

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