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First SLP Token Virtual Hackathon: 12+ Teams Competing, From Proof-of-Beer to Recycled Tokens

TL;DR: According to organizers, over a dozen teams are competing this weekend in the first-ever Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) Virtual Hackaton. Paricipants from “anywhere in the world will compete to build the hottest new SLP token application for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.” Here’s a quick look at some of the entries, ranging from Proof-of-Beer to recycled tokens, vending options, and merchant conversion ease, to a lot more. 

Over a Dozen Teams Competing This Weekend in SLP Hackathon

Developer James Cramer described his role in the first SLP Virtual Hackathon to CoinSpice as “helping out with answering any questions folks might have in the chat, coms with the teams.” He pointed us to the entrants, giving a quick snapshot of what they’re working on.


One participant, Anton (his calculations are featured above), explained he is “working on app simple education app, where users can score by passing exams and received some SLP tokens for successful results. My main aim is to learn simple operations with SLP tokens like mint, send, etc, to use this knowledge in future projects.” Meanwhile, Team BitCHSLap forked the Bitcoin.com paper wallet generator.

Team Bluewire is focusing upon a merchant SLP reward demo website, which “allows returning customers to pay with the merchants SLP token during checkout. The customer will use an SLP supported wallet to scan the merchants QR code to make the token payment,” they noted. Team CryptoPandas is crafting an “NFT based game involving breeding Panda NFTs.”

Token Recycler, Proof of Beer, Vending Machine Payments

Dune Squad is looking to build a “spicebutton. People can simply generate their button and paste onto their website to receive SPICE tips.” Team BGFM hopes to have an “SLP key server for sharing token document information updates.” Two teams combined, Lower the Dust and KosinusBCH, to attempt making “bchpay, a project that will allow merchants to accept payments in BCH or tokens then have them converted into USDH within the next 10-20 minutes.”

FreeTrade is refining “Token Recycler, an online tool to recover satoshis from spam tokens and from unwanted tokens.” Team Pitch is looking at formulating “an easy, fast and intuitive way to create and manage tokens in the SLP ecosystem,” and Project Ignite is “going to create stamp card & simple ticket services.”

Dev Andre Cabrera showed progress on an SLP token icon generator, where each token has their own personal icon. “It’s generated according to their tokenIds, so it will always be the same. We also check first if it has an icon on SLP-tokens, otherwise we generate one for it,” he explained.

Proof of Beer is “a tool to crowdsource a bar. Whoever helps to buy and bring beers to an event gets a token for their beer. Anyone can take a beer in exchange for a sum in bitcoin cash, or by burning one of the beer tokens. When the event is out of beers, we can use the tool to pay out remaining token holders with the bitcoin cash we received. It’s a tool we’re building for– and plan to use for our local crypto meetup,” the team insisted.

SlpStream is building The SLP GreenMiner which “uses an ‘eco-block mining’ set up to emit a fixed number of SLP tokens at regular intervals similar to emulate how miners find blocks and mine a steady supply of coins,” and TokenVend is hammering out “SLP vending machine payments.” The hackathon ends on the 30th, and winners should be announced shortly after.


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