Former NASA Engineer’s Package Thief Payback: Bait Filled with Glitter, Fart Spray

Former NASA Engineer's Package Thief Payback: Bait Filled with Glitter, Fart Spray

It is that time of year when packages arrive from Amazon and other online retailers. It’s a modern marvel to, with just a couple of clicks, receive merchandise from all over the world. That is, of course, until some rat takes it from your door. While some people go to the cops and get typically nowhere, others understand the best revenge is a solid and very humiliating hack. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober isn’t going down without a fight, and his new invention is hilarious.  

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Former NASA Engineer Takes One Small Step for Mankind and a Giant Leap for Home Delivery

You’ve had a terrible year in the crypto markets, and, well, at least you’ve scored a wallet and can get a cool 30%-ish discount on all Amazon sales to help offset some of that bear bite. That is, of course, until you realize some fiat-loving, government worshiping Communist steals those gifts right from your door. Bastard!

Former NASA Engineer's Package Thief Payback: Bait Filled with Glitter, Fart Spray
Mark Rober on Jimmy Kimmel

Something like that happened to former NASA engineer Mark Rober. He was pissed. He had his porch already littered with cameras, and so he took video of the caper to his local costumed, armed municipal protectors, the police. Typically, they shrugged, even with video evidence, and told him to kick rocks — not a big enough crime for them to bother. Yeah for taxes!

Instead of just staying mad, he’s getting even. He built his very own bait box to teach these no-good package stealing statists a lesson: take someone’s property, violate the sacred trust between merchant and customer, and you might just walk away covered in glitter and smelling like fart.

Glitter and Fart

The bait box sits innocently enough at his door, and probably the first problem to solve is to think like a no good, dirty Federal Reserve lover: make the package look enticing, inviting, vulnerable and ready for the taking. Shrink wrap it. Place a label all official looking.

Former NASA Engineer's Package Thief Payback: Bait Filled with Glitter, Fart Spray

Key to the bait is the ability to track where it goes once stolen. Very often thieves take packages off door steps in daylight, so they must appear calm, walk to their car or whatever, and go to a location to check their score. Rober installed a GPS tracking device to let him know when it was off his porch, and, eventually, its ultimate destination.

He could’ve just placed a hunk of glitter in the box and set it to a spring. That would be too easy for him. Instead, he wanted to also record their reaction as payment of a kind, earned satisfaction on his end. There’s a tube device, once triggered, that is true genius — tons of glitter sprays everywhere, and that stuff is impossible to clean quickly. Finally, and really the touch that warms this journalist’s heart, a spray of canned fart is zapped as well, five times every 30 seconds, encouraging the dirty dog to, hopefully, dump the device altogether so Rober can reuse his hilarious invention. Happy Holidays!

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