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Free-to-Play Sandbox Game on BCH: Battle Monsters, Monetize Content, Lead Development

TL;DR: “RealmX is a next-generation product,” came the announcement from developers at Block Hop. “It is the world’s first free to play sandbox game powered by blockchain technology, which currently builds on Bitcoin Cash.” The project marries what most analysts have long thought to be among cryptocurrency’s prime use cases, online gaming and distributed ledger technology.  

Sandbox Game on BCH: Battle Monsters, Monetize Content, Lead Development

Open-world, free-roaming, or a sandbox game are all notions on a similar style: gamers are allowed to change aspects of the experience seemingly at will. They’re becoming more popular for the interactive-seeking gamer in contrast to progression-style gaming. Gamers are in control.

On that score, “The game aims to redefine the relationship between developers and gamers,” Block Hop explains. “Within the RealmX game, players will be able to create items, battle monsters, monetize their content, and finally lead main game development as the game progresses.”

“The game is free to play. BCH deposits is not a must,” a developer clarified. RealmX takes place in what appears to be the Stone Age, “where everything is waiting to be created,” Block Hop stressed. “To evolve the world, players in the game need to find all ways to increase world productivity together. Once the world productivity reaches a certain level, a new world will open.”

All in-game assets will be stored on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain, which will allow players to own them and trade them peer-to-peer. Players can also earn BCH as “every player has chances to create their own recipe for new equipment/weapons. They can decide the design, the ingredients, and the price. Whenever another play is charged to craft the item on the recipe, the owner will receive BCH income,” according to the company. RealmX is currently in its testing phase, hoping for a beta rollout this month.

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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