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Free Virgil Griffith Petition Begins, Ripple Unlocks 1 Billion XRP, Japan Studies Central Bank Crypto

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Free Virgil Griffith petition is signed by Vitalik Buterin. Japan considering the legal framework to issue a central bank digital currency. Microsoft to develop a blockchain-based card game. Cisco patents 5G blockchain-based encryption. Huobi joins the Blockchain Services Network, and Ripple unlocks more than $200 million dollars from its escrow wallet.

Free Virgil Griffith Petition Gains Prominent Ethereum Support

Enrico Talin, a blockchain entrepreneur, published an article calling for Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum cofounder, to start a petition to free Virgil Griffith, the cryptocurrency dev  arrested just days ago for helping North Korea evade economic sanctions. Talin declared Griffith is a man of peace, and makes an argument for Vitalik to stand for the distressed Ethereum dev. “Please, Vitalik Buterin start a petition to free Virgil Griffith,” he pleaded. Buterin agreed to sign the petition.

Japan Considering Central Bank Digital Currency

Free Virgil Griffith

Japan is studying the legal aspects surrounding the issuance of a central bank digital currency. A study group determined that the legal framework of the country must be reformed before attempting to produce an electronic bank currency. The Bank of Japan has repeatedly dismissed the possibility of issuing their own central bank digital currency.

Microsoft to Create Blockchain-Based Card Game

Free Virgil Griffith

Microsoft, the software giant, in alliance with Eidos and game developer Fabled Lands are going to develop a blockchain card game based on “The Way of the Tiger,” a best selling book. An element of blockchain will be used to secure digital cards issued in a limited way in order to certify authenticity. Jamie Thomsom from Fabled Lands described the game, “Imagine playing Magic the Gathering but knowing if you owned a card, it really does belong to you.” Tokenized cards will be issued on the VECHAIN blockchain.

Cisco Patent Mixes Blockchain and 5G Networks

Free Virgil Griffith

Cisco, the network giant, filed a patent that could potentially help secure coming 5G networks. The patent seeks to take advantage of blockchain to register and secure devices connected to a 5G network of any network carrier. The system described could also act as a payment channel, enabling every user to relay payments or payment information in a secure way over an open-air connection.

Huobi Joins Chinese Blockchain Services Network

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi joined a newly created state-backed blockchain organization called BSN (Blockchain Services Network), which is an alliance created by the SIC (State Information Center). The initiative has already recruited some key members of the industry like China UnionPay (the Chinese Visa equivalent), China Mobile, and China Telecom. The new alliance seeks to join several members of the industry through a blockchain service platform.

Ripple’s 1 Billion XRP Unlocked From Escrow

Ripple, the cryptocurrency company behind XRP, unlocked a billion of its currency worth more than $225 million from an escrow wallet. This happens every month, and the company does not sell all of these assets, but it does release a part of them to the market. For this behavior, they have been blamed for the currency’s relatively poor price performance. XRP backers have even signed an online petition to ask Ripple to stop dumping coins onto the market.

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