From Moscow, Russia With Love: Crypto in the Age of Putin and Beyond

TL;DR: The CoinSpice podcast has taken listeners all over the world, from New York to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Japan, Scotland, Philippines, London, Mexico, and now Moscow, Russia. Jahon Khabilov, founder of the Russian language crypto news site CoinLife, is guest for a fun and informative episode. Get a sense of how those living under Putin are dealing with the phenomenon of decentralized digital money, and what the future holds. It’s available embedded in this article, below, or on YouTubeiTunesSpotifyGoogle PodcastsStitcherRadio PublicBreakerPocketCasts, and PodBean.

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Moscow, Russia Crypto Scene Struggles During Extended Bear Market

Jahon Khabilov is a go-getter. During the boom of late 2017, he took it upon himself to start a cryptocurrency news site in the Russian language. The market there he felt was underserved, and it was tough to get accurate, solid information on the phenomenon.

From Moscow, Russia With Love: Crypto in the Age of Putin and Beyond
Jahon Khabilov

He’s lived in Russia now for nearly two decades, having left his home in a former Soviet satellite to pursue university. His love for information technology led him to crypto, and he’s really never looked back.

Today, the Federation is still trying to get out from under its USSR legacy while facing down stiff international sanctions, chief among them put in place by the United States and its allies. Caught in the push and pull of geopolitical realities, the average Muscovite and Russian appear poised to seek out ways of hedging bets to retain wealth.

Giant Cryptocurrency Conference in Moscow Set for May 2019

Crypto, Khabilov contends, surely isn’t as alluring as it once was, but basic literacy is up and sanctions in a strange way are pushing some to continue contemplating ways to use decentralized digital money.

Putin and some of his conspirators have reportedly considered a state-backed iteration along the lines of a crypto ruble. From what anyone can tell, these are largely rumors, and Khabilov describes the Russian government as being anything but unified on the issue.

Still, there is a ripe potential market for mining due to relatively cheap electricity costs and the country’s abundance of resources to that end. That and, again, sanctions are bringing even those luke warm to the crypto idea closer to inevitably considering at least having some of their savings invested. Khabilov did make news during the episode, as he invited CoinSpicers to what he believes will be one of the largest cryptocurrency-related conferences in the world. In May of this year, he and his associates hope to have a star lineup of keynote speakers, businesses, vendors, and enthusiasts meet in Moscow to plan the region’s next moves.

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