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G20 New Crypto Resolution, BitMEX $1 Trillion in Volume, India Exchanges Closing

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. G20 backs up FATF crypto resolutions. BitMEX traded $1 trillion in one year. Indian exchanges shutting down due to countrywide crypto ban. First European property sold and tokenized via blockchain. BIS starts Financial Hub. Bitcoin Cash Accepted Here high-quality stickers available everywhere.

G20 Backs New FATF Cryptocurrency Rules


The G20 officially stated they will support the proposal of the Financial Action Task Force on cryptocurrency regulations, despite the rejection these set of rules have sparked from cryptocurrency business and exchanges like Coinbase. The G20 backed-up proposal leaves behind any kind of anonymity for cryptocurrency transactions, and forces exchanges to share their KYC information with governments and regulators.

BitMEX Numbers Go Up Too: $1 Trillion Traded Last Year

BitMEX, one of the most important cryptocurrency exchanges, announced a new milestone in volume trade. According to Arthur Hayes, its CEO, BitMEX traded $1 trillion dollars just during the last year, a clear breakthrough for the exchange taking into account most of the last year was dominated by a bear market. Hayes dedicated this tweet to Nouriel Roubini, the anti-crypto economist who is set to debate him at the 2019 Asia Blockchain Summit in a face-off called “The Tangle in Taipei.”

India Cryptocurrency Exchanges Closing: P2P Alternatives Rise

The exchange situation in India has reached a sorry state. Three of their main cryptocurrency exchanges have closed doors recently or are in movements to do so: Koinex, Zebpay and Coinome have all shut down, and the outcome is dire for the other ones. But this is causing a rebirth of peer 2 peer alternatives like local.bitcoin.com, who offer a good alternative to trade cryptocurrencies without relying upon a centralized, permissioned platform.

First European Property Sold Via Blockchain


The AnnA Villa in Paris, a luxury building valued in more than 6.5 million euros, is now the first property sold via blockchain in Europe, according to an article by Forbes. The property was first transferred to an intermediate company called SAPEB AnnA, funded by two companies who purchased the building, and then the company was tokenized and divided into 100 tokens for their owners. The tokens can be subdivided too for smaller investors. Equisafe, the blockchain company that managed the deal, used Ethereum to issue the property tokens.

BIS Starts FinHub to Promote Digital Currencies


After having acknowledged the danger big tech companies like Facebook and its Libra project can bring to finance, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is taking action by starting their own Financial Hub. The Hub will help countries to introduce digital technologies to their banking structures and teach the impact of digitization. Agustin Carstens, BIS General Manager, said “it might be that it is sooner than we think that there is a market and we have to create our own digital currencies.”

Bitcoin Cash Stickers Now Available Worldwide

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