SLP Token Gamification Begins: SPICE Team Releases Provably Fair Dice & Rock-Paper-Scissors Bots

TL;DR: SPICE, marketed as an appreciation token, is one of the most popular SLP versions in the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem. Using encrypted messaging platform Telegram, the SPICE development team recently released two games: a classic dice-rolling variation and a Rock-Paper-Scissors challenge that allows for player-versus-player (PvP) competition. They’re part of the SPICE project’s latest effort, We caught up with GAMEtoshi, the two new games’ anonymous lead, to learn more. 

SLP Token Team Releases Provably Fair Dice & Rock-Paper-Scissors Games

SPICE, not affiliated with CoinSpice, is part of the SLP token ecosystem, and it has become a real force in promoting tokenization within a community initially skeptical due to widely believed scams coming from the likes of more established ERC20 and initial coin offering (ICOs) projects. SPICE, however, doesn’t make any grand get-rich, world-changing promises. It began as a bit of fun, a way to throw digital peppers at a friend or comment in appreciation of their take on an issue … or whatever.

An example of SPICE Janken, player-versus-bot game in action.

Since, SPICE has grown into its own meme feed, interactive bot, and even a faucet. It’s listed on at least a half dozen exchanges, and the team recently inked a key deal with, a super-handy way for live streamers to earn cryptocurrency without KYC and other associated frictions. In November of last year, SPICE announced its endeavor, leveraging the power of SLP token dividends as a way to introduce provably fair games of chance.

The dice game gained quickly in popularity, but as GAMEtoshi, the team’s anonymous gaming czar, explained to CoinSpice the initial stakes were limited. The bankroll was then raised to 10 million SPICE, promising too to distribute 90% of the platform’s earnings to users holding more than 100,000 SPICE. The dice game moved to Telegram, and along with it a bot for Janken, a Japanese variant on Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Interview with GAMEtoshi

SPICE Janken can be played against the bot (PvBot) or PvP, and appears to be the first game of its kind for Telegram users. The mechanics of the game are simple, clean, and intuitive. SPICE Janken allows users to challenge one another or go up against a provably fair bot by entering a basic command.

SPICE Janken PvP in action.

SPICE Janken PvP only needs two players within the same Telegram channel or group. “The idea is to keep the interface clean and simple for people of all ages to enjoy and understand the games,” GAMEtoshi told CoinSpice when asked about why the team picked Janken as their PvP initiative.

GAMEtoshi and the crew are also readying for a giant SPICE airdrop campaign to promote the venture. 2,030,791 SPICE will be dropped to those who hold an average of 100,000 SPICE seven days prior, and distributed in proportion — more SPICE held, more SPICE received.

Coinspice:  Are you are the secret drive of the new push for SPICE gamification?

GAMEtoshi: Yeah seems so. Not myself individually, though. It’s a team effort.

Tell us about The Spice Casa Crew you’ve created. 

It’s a loose yet focused organization consisting of fans of SPICE who also like to develop things and have fun. We were inspired by SPICE token’s rise in the ecosystem, and how fast its team seems to make moves. Watching it go from just an idea to widely known in a matter of months was pretty eye-opening.

We figured we could bring our skillset to the table to do our part in growing its ecosystem. A lot of tokens make claims, say things, but SPICE and its team seem different. It’s proactive, and we like that.

SPICE was initially thought of as an appreciation token. How did the idea of games involving SPICE come to fruition?

Well “appreciation token” is a description from the SPICE team. It’s just one facet in our eyes, and it’s a good one. Using it for other things like wagering is just another facet. So, in this case, it can continue to still be an appreciation token along with a token used for wagering. In our case, when someone receives appreciation in the form of SPICE, they can then bring it on over and grow their appreciation bags by playing against our provably fair bots or PvP games.

Why opt for gamification on Telegram instead of using stand-alone platforms?

We actually have and Telegram bots. Telegram bots exist because that’s where the people are. We plan to expand both, and also expand into other platforms if it makes sense to do so. Starting on Telegram seems like a no brainer though since that is where SPICE token has its roots.

Your first PvP game is Janken. Why choose Janken? And why PvP?

Easy! 1, Almost EVERYONE knows it in one form or another, whether it be Rock-Paper-Scissors, Janken, Roshambo, etc. 2, It is fun. 3, It is simple. 4, It can easily be adapted to Player vs Player, Player vs Bot. We currently have two versions of the game, with a third on the way.

The first is Rock-Paper-Scissors, Player vs Bot, which is provably fair and available now. Players can challenge the bot with a chosen amount of SPICE, and if they beat the bot, they win the bot’s SPICE. Give it a try, here:

The second is Rock-Paper-Scissors, Player vs Player, also available now. Players can put up a chosen amount of SPICE and directly challenge another person or friend in the group. The challenger also puts up the same amount of SPICE, and the winner takes all. Give it a try, here:

The third version will be Player vs Anyone, and is coming soon, meaning a player challenges the general public with a chosen amount of SPICE, and anyone with enough SPICE to accept the challenge can play.

Each version is released based upon the steps required to develop. The 3rd version requires different logic, so it made sense to start with a basic game and work our way up to Player vs Anyone.

What is the crew looking to do in the future?

We will most likely spend some time refining what we have once the 3rd version of Rock-Paper-Scissors is released. I should mention we also have Player vs Bot Dice. Provably fair. Give it a try too, here:

We may build a version of this that allows Player vs Player. Highest roll wins. Bringing some of this to a url would also be nice. So, adding new games to is also on the list of things to do. The general idea right now is to build as many neat ideas as we can while improving UX, refining, and maintaining what already exists.

Don’t sleep on SPICE. It’s already cementing its spot in SLP history.

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