GitCash Chooses Bitcoin Cash: Send and Receive Tips Through GitHub

GitCash Chooses Bitcoin Cash: Send and Receive Tips Through GitHub

United Kingdom-based is an innovative startup, a free public service, launched Summer of this year, offering a platform to tip on GitHub. Since coming online they’ve recently added four new features, and, post hard fork, they’re also keen to explain why they chose Bitcoin Cash (BCH). 

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GitCash’s Tipping Through GitHub Now with New Features

“In this release we have added the following new features,” GitCash announced today, “all designed to nurture and grow the cryptocurrency development community.” They’ve essentially come with four updates designed to make the user experience easier while addressing the new reality after the 15 November 2018 hard fork.

GitCash Chooses Bitcoin Cash: Send and Receive Tips Through GitHub

“Quicktip – Allows users to send tips to other GitCash users and their repos without leaving our website,” they detail. “Explore – A new search feature to easily find and tip GitCash users and the Github repos they maintain. Blacklist – Easily opt-out of future tips by using the ‘thumbs down’ on the repo bot’s tip response notification. Auto Coin Splitting – Safely deposit pre-fork BCH then withdraw your BSV and BCH balances separately.”

GitHub predates cryptocurrencies by about two years, and is now routinely among the top 100 trafficked sites in the world. It’s the go-to web service for Git, a free open-source system for tracking changes in code and files, coordinating projects and efforts among many people.

GitCash Chooses Bitcoin Cash

GitHub was acquired this year by Microsoft for more than $7 billion, claims over 28 million users and 57 million repositories, making it arguably the biggest storage of source code on the planet.

GitCash Chooses Bitcoin Cash: Send and Receive Tips Through GitHub

“Concerning the recent BCH hard fork,” GitCash explained, “we respect and applaud BSV’s efforts to gain network consensus for their proposed protocol changes. While we were hoping for a clear winner, the split was messy and resulted in two competing coins. In an effort to prevent further watering down the Bitcoin community, GitCash has decided to support only one of the coins. After much deliberation we chose the chain with the ABC ruleset.”

ABC more or less birthed BCH, and its scheduled upgrade soon turned into a contentious hard fork, leading to an eventual split of the chain. “This was not an easy decision,” GitCash notes. “The primary reason for the choice is our belief that the vast majority of the development community is continuing to build on the chain with the ABC rules. This is important because we believe that the failure or success of the Bitcoin experiment rests with the developers that are working to give peer-to-peer digital cash a reason to exist.” The team was also quick to point out they’ll be evaluating their decision three months from now.

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