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Giving Away 100 Bitcoin Cash Point of Sale Machines – Adoption Campaign Begins in Australia

TL;DR: In anticipation of the historic Bitcoin Cash City conference, BitcoinBCH.com is embarking on an ambitious goal: onboard 100 new businesses to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) in 7 weeks. Australia is already seeing a Bitcoin Cash merchant adoption boom, but Hayden decides it’s time to double down and take it to a whole new level. He will be giving away 100 Bitcoin Cash point of sale machines to businesses who want to start accepting Bitcoin Cash but do not have the point of sale infrastructure to do so.

100 Bitcoin Cash Point-of-Sale Machine Giveaway Begins in Giant Adoption Effort

Fresh off announcing having onboarded more than a half dozen businesses to Bitcoin Cash in a single day, Hayden Otto isn’t resting. He’s recently received a shipment of handy Android tablets. The Lenovo Tab E8 is marketed as an easy-to-use family entertainment device. It fits snugly in most hands, much as would a larger smartphone, but its screen is large and clear — a perfect piece of hardware to repurpose as a point-of-sale register.

What Otto seems completely sure of is how BCH might appeal to local merchants on the Australian coast in North Queensland. He knows this because cities along its route have taken-to the idea, and Otto, Chief Media Correspondent for CoinSpice, frequently documents this fact. Video after video shows merchants accepting BCH, and often remarking positively about its relative ease for international tourists especially, who’re spared of changing in and out of native fiat currencies.


If merchants are then lured further by relatively low transaction fees, no banking hassles or frictions, and fast confirmation times, one obvious barrier would be housing a wallet exclusive to BCH and the particular business. Enter Otto’s idea: present prospective merchants with all they’ll need to get up-and-running. The Lenovos pack a punch, coming standard with a quad-core processor, the Nougat 7.0 operating system, an 8″ HD touch display, front-facing speaker to hear that pleasant chime, 2 GB of memory, battery life of up to 10 hours, and more.

“All of this was donated,” Otto insists, “by the local merchant community of businesses who are accepting Bitcoin Cash. These guys have seen an increase in sales in their businesses when they started accepting Bitcoin Cash. Now they are fully getting behind this effort to expand adoption in our region here before the conference.” Free applications in the Google App Store help with managing inventory and item costs, and then BCH sales are simply a QR code scan away. The tablet even comes with a steel stand, a lasered ‘B’ for good measure. “All of this was actually paid for with Bitcoin Cash, so we’re closing the loop in that regard. All the tablets were paid for with Bitcoin Cash, all the stands: people are spending Bitcoin Cash at the businesses, and even, in some cases, there are staff at these businesses getting paid in Bitcoin Cash to a certain extent.”

DISCLOSURE: The author holds cryptocurrency as part of his financial portfolio, including BCH. 

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