Google Helps Android 9 Pie Users Avoid Internet Service Provider Monitoring

Google now supports DNS-over-TLS on its Android 9 Pie operating system, helping users avoid their internet service provider’s (ISP) monitoring of domain name service (DNS) lookups. The instructions appear to give the same data to Google, but make it easier to run private servers. 

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Google Public DNS now supports DNS-over-TLS

Marshall Vale and Puneet Sood of Google explained how the company’s “Public DNS is the world’s largest public Domain Name Service (DNS) recursive resolver, allowing anyone to convert Internet domain names like into Internet addresses needed by an email application or web browser.”

Google Helps Android 9 Pie Users Avoid Internet Service Provider Monitoring

Most understand even simply searching on the internet can hand over information users might not want revealed. Similarly, “domains you lookup via DNS can also be sensitive. Starting today, users can secure queries between their devices and Google Public DNS with DNS-over-TLS, preserving their privacy and integrity,” they claim.

The company’s public DNS has been around just short of a decade, and during that time security concerns have only increased as more of the world is wired and online. Vale and Sood acknowledge how “there is an increased awareness of the need to protect users’ communication with their DNS resolvers against forged responses and safeguard their privacy from network surveillance,” an especially handy tactic of oppressive governments, for example.

Standard Way to Provide Security and Privacy

A DNS looks up the server IP after a user enters a domain name. Most use their default DNS, which embed with the given carrier. Lesser known alternatives such as Google Public DNS have been an option for a while, but now it can be essentially set as the main DNS on the popular Android 9 Pie operating system.

Google Helps Android 9 Pie Users Avoid Internet Service Provider Monitoring

“The DNS-over-TLS protocol specifies a standard way to provide security and privacy for DNS traffic between users and their resolvers. Now users can secure their connections to Google Public DNS with TLS, the same technology that protects their HTTPS web connections,” Google revealed.

In theory is should be much more difficult for third parties to spy on internet usage with a Google DNS in support of DNS-over-TLS. Android enthusiasts also insist the configuration can be made with any tablet or phone under Android 9 Pie. In Settings, enter as the Private DNS server, and Bob’s your uncle: more privacy.

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