Hacker Lawyer: 'weev' to Lauri Love, Tor Ekeland Defends Undefendable VIDEO

Tor Ekeland is a folk hero in the crypto community. He’s defended Occupy’s racist troll ‘weev’ to more sympathetic characters such as Lauri Love, having a lot of success in the process. He’s also terribly funny, and gave a great, exclusive interview to CoinSpice.io at the recent Los Angeles premiere of Alex Winter’s new documentary film, Trust Machine: The Story of Blockchain (2018). This is the second in a three part series of interviews with the film’s principals. 

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Hacker Lawyer Tor Ekeland Talks with CoinSpice.io

Tor Ekeland doesn’t take easy cases. In fact, he seems to on purpose take ones no other attorney would dare touch. From the 2014 “weev” appeal, which ended in success at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, to Fidel Salinas, Justin Shafer, Lauri Love, Deric Lostutter, Matt DeHart, and even Guccifer 2.0, he’s been lovingly dubbed in our community, The Hacker’s Lawyer, for his work.

Hacker Lawyer: 'weev' to Lauri Love, Tor Ekeland Defends Undefendable VIDEO

After reaching out through his fantastic assistant, Alara, Ekeland agreed without condition to an on-camera interview with CoinSpice.io once he made his way from New York to the Laemmle Monica Theater in Los Angeles for the Trust Machine premiere and a question and answer session. We crossed wires somehow, and C. Edward Kelso and photographer Myra Lopez waited patiently in the VIP mezzanine. Once he learned we were waiting, he cut his bistro dinner short, and apologized (it was our fault for not checking email).

Right away, Ekeland gave his notorious crooked smile. He cracks a joke, and asks what we need. He proceeded to give a fantastic interview on his early history, and at the 7 minute and 35 second mark he hilariously commented on the scene unfolding near us — the theater believed a vagrant to be locked inside a restroom close to where we filmed; without a care to the production going-on, the manager pounded on the bathroom door, demanding “Get out!”

Hacker Lawyer: 'weev' to Lauri Love, Tor Ekeland Defends Undefendable VIDEO

Here to Stay

Ekeland didn’t miss a beat, as we waited for the management to secure the area again, he joked and kept us at ease. Minders and assorted staff were looking to move him to other press, but he stayed with us to be sure we got all the coverage we wanted. That’s a pretty great guy.

He’s a principal in Trust Machine due to his work with UK hacker Lauri Love. Love is wanted by the United States for hacking into government systems, allegedly, and was close to being formally extradited. US law enforcement is notoriously brutal to hackers, and Love knew this. Ekeland successfully defended Love on the US side, and as of this writing the British government is refusing to send him across the pond, citing health concerns, both physical and mental health.

Hacker Lawyer: 'weev' to Lauri Love, Tor Ekeland Defends Undefendable VIDEO
Lauri Love

CoinSpice.io talks with Ekeland about all of that, and even asks for his opinion about crypto and the law going forward. He also gave some great advice about contacting him if you’re a hacker in need of help.

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