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SEC Commissioner Proposes Safe Harbor for Tokens, Wasabi Wallet Update, Blockchain Tracking of Coronavirus

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce proposes a safe harbor period for token sales. Vitalik Buterin blasts TRON. Coronavirus now can be tracked on a blockchain. Wasabi wallet updates CoinJoin address ID problem. Bitcoin Cash Latin America (BCH Latam) has already sold 1,700 PAN tokens, and South Korean University issues diplomas on the blockchain.

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Proposes Safe Harbor for Token Sellers

Hester Peirce, SEC commissioner nicknamed “Crypto Mom” by the community due to her affinity for cryptocurrencies, made a proposal that would grant a three year period for cryptocurrency projects to develop and decentralize before being scrutinized by the regulatory institutions. Peirce explained “the analysis of whether a token is offered or sold as a security is not static and does not strictly inhere to the digital asset,” strongly suggesting some projects can be born as a security, but further development down the road can make them mutate into decentralized instruments.

Vitalik Buterin Swings at TRON

Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum, took a swing at TRON during a Twitter thread where he was discussing the importance of corporate social responsibility for the image of a project. When talking about how internal pressure could be a limiting factor in a company, Buterin noted “Tron’s scamminess is a huge factor limiting their ability to get top quality R&D talent.” Justin Sun, CEO and founder of TRON, has faced a ton of criticism for his tendency to over-promote his projects on social media, but he recovered some credibility recently by having dinner with Warren Buffett.

Coronavirus Evolution Now Tracked on a Blockchain

Hester Peirce

Acoer, a company using open source and blockchain-based applications for healthcare purposes, designed a pilot application for tracking the evolution of the Coronavirus disease all over the world. Jim Nasr, CEO of Acoe, reinforced the importance of data-driven solutions as a tool to visualize the evolution of the disease. The solution uses Hedera Hashgraph DLT to record each contagion and death as relayed from epidemiologists, so other epidemiologists can trust the information is legit. “It’s really a data problem,” Nasr stated.

Wasabi Wallet Updates CoinJoin Address Problem

Wasabi Wallet, a privacy-oriented BTC wallet, addressed the complaints of several of its users about exchanges and other institutions identifying the addresses of this wallet as coming from mixing services. Wasabi will assign a new, unused address to every user leveraging a CoinJoin, a feature that will make it harder for exchanges and other services to identify transaction origins. Binance Singapore has already started blocking accounts from customers using these “mixing/darknet” services to store their BTC, in order to comply with AML/KYC measures.

BCH Latam Project Sells 1,700 PAN Tokens

BCH Latam, the organization led by former Dash supporter George Donnelly, sold the first 1,700 tokens to fund the execution of its ambitious project of spreading BCH awareness through Latin America. The proposal includes development of the Panmoni app, a comprehensive ecosystem. It will include the function of sending remittances and also a rewards program for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who onboard businesses and promote adoption in other ways. The Panmoni SLP Initial Token Offering is still open.

South Korean University Issues Blockchain Diplomas Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Hester Peirce

The Pohang University of Science and Technology decided to issue diplomas on the blockchain to its new graduates due to the Coronavirus outbreak in the region. Members of the university believed a public meeting would not be safe, so every graduate will receive a digital certificate diploma on a public blockchain owned by ICONLOOP, a Korean firm. “It is impossible to hold a graduation ceremony on time. Now, even if a student does not visit the school to receive the diploma, they can get an online digital degree secured by blockchain technology,” a representative of the university declared.

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