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How to Earn Bitcoin Cash: Easy Ways to Get P2P Money Without Having to Buy It

TL;DR: Cryptocurrency is a big topic of conversation, especially if you’re looking to buy some on an exchange. At least one crypto, however, is more than just for speculating. Bitcoin cash (BCH) is considered fast, reliable, and inexpensive, and so more people are using it in everyday commerce. But not everybody knows that you can earn bitcoin cash (BCH) rather than just buy it. Here are five easy ways to earn bitcoin cash in 2019. 

How to Earn Bitcoin Cash

  1. Content Creation & Sharing

Content creation is not only a great way to earn regular money but also a perfect method for earning bitcoin cash. By creating great content that people love and being sociable, you create opportunities for yourself that allow you to earn.

For instance, there is a platform very similar to Twitter called Memo.cash where you can create posts with up to 271 characters in length. These can contain text, images, and videos. Users tip you with BCH if they like your post.

Another similar, but longer-form social media platform is Honest.cash, which prides itself on being completely censorship-free. Both readers and writers can earn BCH there. After you post your content, you can get tipped with bitcoin cash if someone likes it. Early upvoters of your post can also earn BCH thanks to the people who upvote your post later.

Earn Bitcoin Cash

Along with creating content, you can also find something interesting online and then share it on one of the above platforms. After all, great content is still great even if it’s not you who created it. Just remember to specify who the original author is rather than claiming it as yours.

You can also translate the content you share with the help of an online translation service such as The Word Point. If you find content creators who would love to partner with you this way, you could be able to earn commissions from them or something similar to that.

Moreover, you can join Memo or Honest as a reader and upvote the posts you like. You can still earn BCH that way after other people vote on those same posts.

  1. Get Tipped

Those who don’t want to join yet another platform for creating and sharing content can make use of the ones they are already using. If you love Twitter or Reddit, and you know that there are people who love what you post about, aka your dedicated followers, then you can start looking for ways to get tipped in bitcoin cash.

This is actually not as complicated as it sounds. There is a tool called Tipprbot which allows your readers to tip you with bitcoin cash by replying to your post with the amount they want to tip you and tagging @tipprbot. What happens next is that BCH is sent to your wallet almost instantly after someone comments a tip under your post.

The best thing about using this bot is that people can send tips as small as several cents making it perfect for tippers who can’t spend a lot. Moreover, they won’t need to worry about quick link transaction fees either as the tips are automatic. When tipping you is easy, there will potentially be more people who will want to tip you for your awesome content.

There is even a livestream version of that tipping idea now, TipBitcoin.Cash. When other tipping services proved unreliable, anonymous developer pokkst built “a BCH-only service. By Bitcoin Cashers, for Bitcoin Cashers.” If you’re creating live video content, featured on platforms like Twitch, download Streamlabs OBS, set up a tip page, link to your BCH wallet, and in only a few short steps those who appreciate your content can pay you in bitcoin cash or even the SPICE token (not affiliated with CoinSpice) and include a message.

  1. Tasks & Bounties

Yet another great way to earn bitcoin cash is to complete tasks online. There are platforms like Lazyfox and Taskopus that allow you to earn BCH by completing tasks of all sorts. You could say such platforms are similar to Fiverr. The only downside is that you may be asked to confirm your identity and qualifications to be able to match the task you promise to complete.

Earn Bitcoin Cash

Lazyfox and Taskopus can be especially useful to those who do not have a big follower base on their social media or who are not used to creating content. The tasks on these platforms usually have instructions, so it’s not that hard to understand and follow them.

In case you are wondering which of the two platforms is best for beginners, then here’s a tip: Taskopus is newer and has a steeper learning curve. This platform is also private so you may be able to find more interesting tasks on it. On the other hand, Lazyfox is pretty great too.

  1. Old-Fashioned Way

One other way to earn BCH is to simply work for it. You may want to ask your employer to pay you in bitcoin cash and, if they have such an opportunity, they will. If you are a freelancer, you can make use of such a platform as Freelance for Coins.

Alternatively, consider selling things online for bitcoin cash. You can do this by using Bitpay or Coingate that help merchants accept BCH on their websites. This is especially great for those who already have an e-commerce store and want to expand their business in some way. Or you can use another third-party marketplace such as Openbazaar that has a BCH option.

If you live in Canada, consider donating your old clothes to Coins 4 Clothes. This charity accepts clothes and allows you to get BCH in exchange. One donation can give you an equivalent of up to 25 Canadian dollars in bitcoin cash.

  1. Keep on Looking

You can also search for free bitcoin cash. There are different faucets that can give it to you with absolutely no cost, simply because they want to encourage people to experience cryptocurrency rather than just read about it. You won’t get rich, but it’s a start. Usually, the only cost involved is your time, signing up for a wallet or service.  

By the way, if you are feeling extremely lucky, you might want to try out some online casinos with BCH prizes. These include Satoshi Dice and CashGames.Bitcoin.com among others. Unfortunately, you have very small chances of winning anything, so only try them if you are willing to take the risk.

Earn Bitcoin Cash

Lastly, keep looking for more ways to earn BCH. After all, this industry is still largely undeveloped and there are new advancements in it every day. Who knows, maybe tomorrow you will find a different way of earning bitcoin cash and stick to it.

In addition to that, make sure that you are up-to-date with all the trends and news about cryptocurrency. This will ensure that you are aware of the current situation and don’t miss out on anything particularly important.

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