First Ethereum Human ICO; Justin Sun Accused of Bribery; Deutsche Bank: Free Market Dead

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. First human ICO issued on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Justin Sun accused of bribery during STEEM takeover. Deutsche Bank claims there is no “free market” anymore. Binance launches options trading in their mobile app. Blockstream wallet could censor users’ transactions. Blackmoon crypto closes its doors after SEC orders against Telegram.

First Human ICO on the Ethereum Blockchain

Human IPO

The first so-called human ICO has been issued using the Ethereum network as its base, with an entrepreneur offering part of his earnings in the future as a dividend. Alex Masmej, an Ethereum cryptocurrency entrepreneur, issued a human ICO with a token called $ALEX, which will let shareholders receive 15% of the income Masmej will earn, and benefit from his influence on social networks. Holders can even have a vote on his future job decisions. He will share monthly reports on his career, and the tokens will be distributed using Uniswap.

Justin Sun Accused of Bribery in STEEM Takeover

Human IPO

Dan Hensley, an influential STEEM whale, accused TRON founder and CEO Justin Sun of buying his way to control the STEEM network during a takeover after purchasing Steemit. Hensley declared Sun was losing the voting war and resorted to what he called a “bribe attack.” Hensley states Sun “started offering people $2,500 each month to run a witness node for him on STEEM. He was in discord servers promising anything the users wanted to hear in exchange for votes,” he stressed in an article published in Hackernoon.

Deutsche Bank Warns About Central Banks Interfering With Free Market

Human IPO

Deutsche Bank, one of the most important banking institutions in the world, expressed its worries on the control central banks have exerted over world economies during the coronavirus outbreak. In its latest note titled, “The end of the free market: impact on currencies and beyond,” Deutsche Bank points that “at the extreme, central banks could become permanent command economy agents administering equity and credit prices, aggressively subduing financial shocks.”

Binance Launches Options Trading on Mobile App

Binance, the behemoth exchange, introduced options trading on its mobile app. Now, users will be able to leverage this new trading tool to protect themselves from price swings or further expand trading strategies. While Binance rolls out the update to their web-based dashboard, users will have to download the latest update to the mobile app available for Android and iOS to get ahold of the new addition previously hinted by Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the Binance, earlier this month.

Blockstream’s Wallet Could Censor Users Transactions

Reddit user mesquka warned about a strange discovery that could allow Blockstream to censor transactions of customers using the company’s wallet. According to mesquka, Green Wallet, Blockstream’s signature Bitcoin wallet, uses a 2 of 2 multisig setup active even if you aren’t using their 2 Factor Authentication feature, with the “potential to censor transactions if they refuse to sign.” This was discovered when mesquka tried to recover some Litecoin mistakenly sent to a BTC address using the wallet.

Blackmoon Crypto Closes Its Doors After Telegram SEC Order

Blackmoon crypto, an exchange among the first to sell Telegram’s tokens (GRAMS), announced its closure due to compliance costs. Oleg Seydak, CEO of the exchange, affirmed they “concluded that running a crypto exchange in compliance with all modern regulation including the Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive and licensing requirements  is not competitive to unregulated alternatives.” The exchange announced holders of BMC tokens (the exchange token) can be traded for USDC.

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