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Ripple Community Divided, Worried Over Impact of New On-Chain Storage App IndImm

TL;DR: A new Ripple-based file storage app called IndImm launched in beta version, allowing users to upload unlimited files of any size anonymously to the blockchain. To some, this is considered a milestone for development on that chain, but others are not so happy and have asked for the tool to be taken down, citing concerns about the kind of files users could potentially upload and also expressed worries about probable attacks to the network as a result. 

IndImm Ripple File Upload: A Tool to Fight Censorship

Indestructible. Immutable. Infinite file storage. IndImm is a tool that seeks to leverage the power of Ripple’s blockchain to upload files anonymously in an effort to fight censorship many believe is pervasive across modern platforms.


Some fans of Ripple are asking whether such a project is veering from the chain’s original, intended use-case. The app boasts of a self-defined IndImm Message Protocol that operates “on the Ripple blockchain and takes any file and loads it into local memory in your browser with the IndImm client and attaches the file as a Base64 string to a ripple payment,” according to the project’s GitHub.

The application appears to solve file size problems which traditionally would not allow them to be stored through normal transactions. Developers, however, explain the client “chunks the file into small portions that each will fit into a single transaction and stores the file across multiple transactions which are chained together,” which they describe as a milestone with regard to innovation.

Users and Devs Worried, Call for IndImm to be Taken Down

As soon as the app was released to the public, it started causing different reactions from Ripple users. Some were indeed thrilled to have another use-case proved and developed for the blockchain, but others expressed worries about how this new tool could be leveraged to possibly damage Ripple’s image and even impact operability.

Wietse Wind, a prominent XRP developer and founder of XRPL Labs, was one of the first expressing awe but also concern about the core feature of the app. Wind stated on the GitHub issue page he was worried because “it’ll be a matter of time before illegal content will be uploaded. Especially with the hate against the XRP community from maxi’s. When someone uploads pirated content, or worse: child abuse images, no one would be able to remove that from their full history servers.”

He eventually suggested a fix to render the app unusable by “exponentially increasing the minimum transaction fee when large memo’s are being sent.” This would make saving files on the chain economically unfeasible due to the large fees associated with it. Though the future of IndImm is still in doubt, the app is currently still functioning.

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