Investor Marc De Mesel Donates $1,000 to Bitcoin Cash Mêmé Organizer After Ban Threat

TL;DR: After the founder of threatened to ban and blacklist funds for anyone who participated in the Bitcoin Cash Mêmé Competition of 2020 created by developer Shammah Chancellor, a frequent target in those very memes (investor Marc De Mesel) donated $1,000 through the platform to Chancellor, appearing to signal his support for the competition and against the popular BCH blogging site’s policies. Plot twist: De Mesel is’s biggest patron. 

Investor Marc De Mesel Donates $1,000 to Bitcoin Cash Mêmé Organizer

“Komrade @MarcDeMesel,” Chancellor posted to Twitter, “thank you for supporting the mêmé war efforts! This will go to support our mêmé troops. For Victory! For Mother Coin!” cheekily acknowledging De Mesel’s rather large donation of $1,000. Such a donation on and by De Mesel in particular is not unusual (De Mesel has donated well-over $100,000 to in various forms, directly and in-directly), but considering the circumstances this time, it came as a definite surprise.

De Mesel essentially donated to a post, Chancellor’s, considered to be in violation of the platform’s policies, according to’s founder … ironic on many levels. Earlier, the anonymous head of the popular blogging platform scolded and threatened those who participated in Chancellor’s meme competition with a ban and fund blacklisting unless they deleted their creative contributions. It’s hard to tell if De Mesel’s support for Chancellor in this instance would merit a ban or blacklist.

Marc De Mesel
An offending meme submitted in the competition, highlighting recent community debate over the BCH DAA and drift.

Memes submitted to Chancellor were indeed biting and personal, often crassly juxtaposing De Mesel and increasingly polemical Bitcoin ABC lead developer Amaury Séchet in various states of villainy. Nevertheless, De Mesel appeared the good sport, taking meme ribbing in stride, answering Chancellor with $1,000 and praise. “Finally you [are] on the right path! It’s in praising me you’ll find liberty, dear Komrade,” De Mesel commented. “Also hope this may soften your stance towards [’s] threat of expulsion, it’s a work in progress, but without them my bribe would not have arrived,” he explained charitably and in defense of a project he has been very financially supportive of.

Séchet too, by far the most memed (and not in a flattering way necessarily), seemed to shrug it off and better. “I’m one of the [people] some of these [memes] target and I’m not offended. This is humor. And it’s pretty damn funny,” he tweeted. And for the Bitcoin Cash community, censorship on social media has long been of grave concern. Subreddit r/bitcoin, for example, is considered the prime example of being incapable of mature self-examination and criticism, leading to what many consider to be the final straw in the eventual contentious hard fork of August 1st, 2017.

Bitcoin Cash

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