Is Samson Mow Afraid Of Bitmain’s Success?


Fear is a necessary thing. It comes from a sense of wanting to protect from the unknown. But, fear is also a crippling emotion because it takes away rationale and leaves one with nothing but their animal instinct. This is fine in a state of nature, this is not fine on the internet where baselessly attacking ideas you disagree with and spreading lies usually makes you seems fearful and scheming. And yet, this is what Samon Mow, the CSO of Blockstream, a company whose only remarkable feat is keeping Bitcoin Core in the dark ages, does. But he is not alone in his fear; he shares it with another bcashin’ amigo on Twitter, BTCKING555. This user account is less than a month old and, like Mow, only tweets about Bitmain, Jihan Wu, or “bcash”. We know Samson loves hats—that’s all he has ever made; but, the appearance of BTCKING555 has a lot of people wondering if Samson has taken an interest in socks as well.

Perhaps this trolling is part of his job description? To spread FUD about anything that contradicts the Blockstream-Core plan? The problem is that he is lying. He and @BTCKING555 continuously tweet about “sources” and “HK lawyers” who “are saying” Bitmain’s IPO is “in trouble” or then concern-trolling his followers with “Will [Bitmain] go bankrupt?”.

And he has not let up despite the recent announcement that Bitmain will soon produce new miners with a new 7nm chip. The comments below further exposes Mow’s intention to mislead.  Still, Mow tries to save face by toning down the announcement by (again) raising FUD via Twitter with cowardly walk-back statements.

We don’t know what evidence Samson Mow needs to end his propaganda campaign against Bitmain.  They are sponsoring an NBA team, they have a $50,000,000 fund for Bitcoin BCH projects, they are opening new facilities in Texas, and they just announced a new chip that all ASIC-mining pools will have to upgrade to, via BCH purchase. Alas, Samson persists that “Bitmain is in trouble” and that “bcash is a scam”.

Fear is what is driving his wanton misrepresentation of the facts. All evidence points to the facts that Bitmain is a juggernaut, and that Bitcoin Cash is a priority for them. This would put any Bitcoin Core project on edge, and makes everyone wonder even more what exactly Blockstream’s business model is. The company is invested in to the tune of $140,000,000 or so, they don’t have any products, and their C-level “strategist” emotes and spreads FUD about p2p electronic cash all day online. Why has Samson been authorized to spread lies about competitors on his personal social media account(s)?

Summarizing, Cowardly Lyin’ Samson and his company Blockstream resent Bitmain and respond from fear on social media with Two-Minutes Hate styled tweets that are misleading and designed to create fear, uncertainty, and doubt about a company for which there should be none of those things according to the facts of the matter.