Italians Love Bitcoin Online Payments, Tony Hawk to Speak at Bitcoin2020, Payroll in Bitcoin Cash

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Italians love using bitcoin for online payments. Tony Hawk will speak at the Bitcoin2020 conference. Jack Dorsey invests in CoinList. Bitwage implements Bitcoin Cash payroll option. Justin Bons to debate Giacomo Zucco, and Bank of America experiences a service outage.

Italians Love to Use Bitcoin for Online Payments


Italians love using bitcoin to make their purchases online. According to a report from a market analysis firm called SEMRush, Italians use bitcoin more than Visa and Mastercard for online payments. The report states bitcoin reaches the third spot in preferred payment methods, just falling behind PayPal and PostePay, a local card offered by the national post office. Bitcoin is being used 215,800 times a month, while Visa and Mastercard are used 33,950 times every month for online purchases.

Tony Hawk Unlocked as Speaker for Bitcoin2020

Tony Hawk, the uber-famous skateboarder accepted a speaking engagement at the upcoming Bitcoin2020 conference, to be held in San Francisco next March. Hawk keynote was confirmed on Twitter by the legend, who accepted the slot because he “been riding the Bitcoin transitions for over 5 years now.” He was, of course, one of the first online video games to truly go viral, and so peer-to-peer electronic cash was probably a natural fit.

Jack Dorsey Backs Token Startup CoinList


Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter and Square, is one of the prime investors who financially backed cryptocurrency startup CoinList in a $10 million funding round. CoinList helps other companies to crowdfund and raise money through the issuance of tokens. Dorsey, who is a big advocate of Bitcoin, suggested in past comments how he would not support or be part of projects involving the issuance of tokens, and even dissed projects like Libra, the Facebook backed stablecoin. This might be an admission he has changed his opinion on the matter.

Bitwage Implements Bitcoin Cash Payroll Option


Bitwage, an online platform that lets employees get paid in cryptocurrency, included Bitcoin Cash as a supported currency, with as a launch partner for this new feature. Now anyone in the US or EU can receive part of their salary in Bitcoin Cash. “The entire team currently gets paid in Bitcoin Cash. Bitwage was the ideal solution for us. It quickly streamlined our internal payroll process, enabling our team members to continue receiving their monthly payments in Bitcoin Cash,” the online portal declared.

Justin Bons and Giacomo Zucco to Debate in Hotep Jesus’ Bitcoin Bloodsport Series

Hotep Jesus, African American social media influencer, is promoting a new cryptocurrency debate between Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core advocates for his Bitcoin Bloodsports series. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) side will be represented by Justin Bons, CIO of Crypto Capital, while the Bitcoin Core (BTC) side will be represented by the famous maximalist Giacomo Zucco. The debate will be held on Hotep Jesus’ Youtube channel on November 1st at 7 P.M. EST.

Bank of America Experiences Service Outage

The online banking services at Bank of America experienced an outage recently that left millions of customers disgruntled. The issue was made visible by the thousands of complaints their users posted on social networks. The outage affected their ATM network, credit, and debit card payments for an hour. The bank explained the issue was “tech related,” without giving further reasons for the service interruption.

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