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Twitter Jack Hacked, China Denies State-Backed Crypto, Critical Lightning Network Vulnerability

TL;DR: Welcome to In Case You Missed It (ICYMI), a daily crypto news update. Founder and CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey, had his personal account hacked. China denies launch of national cryptocurrency. Critical Lightning Network security vulnerabilities detected. XRP trader advocating for hard fork gets death threats. Bitcoin cash among the cryptocurrencies with the least bagholders, and CME posts record futures trading numbers.

Twitter Jack Hacked

Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was apparently hacked, and his personal account on the popular social media platform was compromised. For a few posts, the hijacked account tweeted offensive and triggering words in an obvious attempt to embarrass Dorsey. An official Twitter company communication account explained this was the result of a “security oversight” from a mobile provider that allowed “an unauthorized person to compose and send tweets via text message from the phone number.”

China Central Bank Denies Rumors of Central Cryptocurrency Launch

The Central Bank of China denied rumors spread about the supposed launch of their national central bank digital currency, qualifying such notions as “inaccurate speculation.” The news that contributed to fuel the fire about this issue was published by Forbes, mentioning September 11 as the possible launch date. Despite this, Binance Research stressed the supposed launch was highly unlikely due to the “low priority” the bank had on this issue.

Lightning Network Critical Vulnerabilities Detected

Twitter Jack

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, the supposed second layer solution to slow BTC confirmation times and high fees, has been hit with the discovery of several security vulnerabilities that could cause users to lose cryptocurrency. According to the original post, three projects would be affected by this critical vulnerability: c-lightning, lnd and eclair, a popular Lightning wallet. The vulnerability itself will be disclosed next month, giving users running these projects sufficient time to update their clients.

XRP Trader Announces Community Takeover, Gets Death Threats

Crypto Bitlord, a well-known Twitter XRP personality and trader, announced a community takeover of the cryptocurrency and proposed a hard fork to end Ripple’s price dumping. In return, the account has reportedly received numerous death threats and attacks. The trader announced as a result of these threats he will be taking some time off Twitter, and thanked the support of his followers. Crypto Bitlord started a petition on Change.org for Ripple, an XRP-based company, stop dumping the price with its continuous selloffs.

Bitcoin Cash Among Cryptocurrencies with the Least Bagholders

Research by Into the Block, a blockchain analytics boutique with AI support, has shown bitcoin cash, along with BTC and chainlink, are the cryptocurrencies with the least bagholders (addresses with money lost). There are, however, pretty big cryptocurrencies with an important number of losing addresses. The top cryptocurrency with most bagholders is Zcash, with 99% of its addresses having lost value over time, followed by Ethereum and Cardano, with 80% each.

CME Bitcoin Futures Trading Reaches ATH Values

Twitter Jack

Bitcoin Futures traded at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) are breaking volume records, with more than $370 million dollars exchanged everyday. Year to date, the number of contracts traded rose 132% compared with the same period last year. This seems to be the result of greater institutional interest in these new assets, along with revival of cryptocurrency market prices generally during the two first quarters of this year.

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