Japan’s Coincheck Resumes Deposits and Purchases After Massive Hack

Japan's Coincheck Resumes Deposits and Purchases After Massive Hack

Japan’s Coincheck resumed deposits and purchases on its platform. The crypto exchange was hit for over half of a billion dollars in a hacking scandal earlier this year, and was subsequently bought out by Monex, an online brokerage. With Ripple’s XRP along with FCT (factom) reinstated, the exchange is back to its fully array of nine crypto offerings prior to the hack. 

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Coincheck is Back in Pre-Hack Form with Monex at the Helm

Bitcoin cash (BCH), FCT, XRP, bitcoin core (BTC), ether (ETH) and classic (ETC), litecoin (LTC), NEM (XEM), lisk (LSK), nine coins total, are now up and ready for purchase and deposit on the Japanese crypto exchange Coincheck a mere ten months after a huge hack.

The interim between hemorrhaging cash and relaunching saw the embattled firm acquired by online brokerage Monex Group, Inc., effectively becoming a subsidiary. Revealed today, their Announcement of Subsidiary’s Release confirms from Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, “Coincheck, Inc.,” is indeed “a fully owned subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc.”

Japan's Coincheck Resumes Deposits and Purchases After Massive Hack

Technical Safety

Signed by company President, Toshihiko Katsuya, the press release also explained “Coincheck had suspended certain services in order to protect the integrity of customers’ assets and to investigate the cause of the breach to its system on January 26, 2018 which led to the illegal remittance of the cryptocurrency NEM.”

Monex is keen to assure would-be users operations have evolved positively. “Since then,” the company insists, “Coincheck had been working to improve its management structure and internal control by carrying out business improvement plans. Up to date, Coincheck has been steadily resuming as each service’s technical safety is confirmed through the supports of external experts. As of the announcement today regarding XRP and FCT, Coincheck has resumed depositing and purchasing services for all trade-able cryptocurrencies on Coincheck.”

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