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Joe Rogan to Former CIA Agent: Bitcoin Didn’t Become Money, Antonopoulos Unpersuasive

TL;DR: Joe Rogan Experience #1414 featured former covert CIA agent Mike Baker. During their two-and-a-half-hour conversation, the subject of cryptocurrencies arose about midway through. Baker asked Rogan for his thoughts on Bitcoin, to which the popular podcast host expressed being ultimately unconvinced after his interviews with influencer Andreas M. Antonopoulos, and that the hype never matched crypto’s reality. 

Joe Rogan: Bitcoin Didn’t Become Money, Too Many Cryptocurrencies

Joe Rogan and a former CIA agent discussed their respective melancholy attitudes toward Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. The two spent much of the show’s first half talking about technology and its usefulness for governments and businesses to spy on users. At about the 1 hour and 17-minute mark, Rogan expressed worry about Facebook and its plans for a proprietary cryptocurrency, Libra.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa” Rogan squinted, “you’re going to have your own money now?” That apparently prompted former covert CIA agent Baker to ask, “Are you a believer in Bitcoin now?” Rogan appeared to search for an answer, clearly conflicted. “I’m not a not-believer, but I’m not like invested in it,” he revealed. Rogan continued by reflecting on his past interviews with noted crypto ambassador Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

He described Antonopoulos as a “big Bitcoin expert who is very, very bright and intelligent guy, and I really enjoyed talking to him about it. He’s all in. Banking with bitcoin. Pays his rent with bitcoin. Gets paid with bitcoin. Everything is Bitcoin with him. He’s loved by the Bitcoin community. At the end of the day, I just don’t totally understand how you can have so many of them,” Rogan explained. “Like, how many cryptocurrencies are there? And if you don’t have so many of them, who is to say you can stop making them?”

Baker admitted to not researching the topic in-depth and to not understanding crypto conceptually. Rogan insisted, “I’m letting that one play out on its own. I’m going to sit back. When it’s 100 percent, when everybody is like, ‘Look, bitcoin, it’s just like money, okay,'” he would accept it. However, Rogan also pointed out how enthusiasts “kind of predicted it was going to be just like money quite a few years ago, and it really never did hit that.” Rogan and Baker agreed real-world items can be purchased with bitcoin and that people are transacting with it, but Baker half-jokingly said he preferred gold. “Gold’s real,” Rogan smiled. “They’ve been killing people for gold forever. It’s legit shit.”

David Bond

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